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Product Review: Dior Forever Perfect Cushion

I’ve been a fan of Dior Makeup, to be perfectly frank, since the genius of Peter Philips (he’s their Creative and Image Director and is an absolute whiz at creating new makeup trends and textures). Ever since he arrived at Dior Makeup, they’ve consistently produced beautiful eyeshadows, lip colours, and my personal favourite - foundations.

Since I started using Dior, there has been foundation after foundation released, and I have loved almost. Every. Single. One.

When I received the Dior Forever Perfect Cushion for trial, I had high, high expectations. First off, the packaging does not disappoint! I received a limited edition version which has the now-iconic Diormania print on it, and oh my gosh, this thing draws the eye in the best way! It’s luxurious, it’s pleasing to the touch, and it just looks so darn good everytime I pull it out of my bag.

And what about the actual foundation? Well to start off, here’s the cushion in action:

My skin is generally oily, and I do have acne scars and the occasional pimple, so when I look for a foundation, I tend to lean towards something that’s moisturising (but not oily), and that has a decent amount of coverage. The Dior Forever Perfect Cushion definitely checks box number two. But box number one? Well, yes, but with a caveat. This foundation has a matte finish, which looks amazing on oily skin (especially after a couple of hours in my opinion, when the natural oils in your skin have had a chance to turn the matte finish into a beautiful soft, glowy matte), but not so much if you have dry/textured skin. When I tested this cushion, I was suffering from a really bad reaction to a skincare product, and I had tiny milia bumps all over my skin. Using this foundation just highlighted those bumps and gave my skin a really cakey finish. I tried it with a hydrating primer underneath, but the bumps and texture were still very prominent.

I do still love the foundation though, and would highly recommend it for anyone with normal, combination and oily skins. If you’re dry AND have texture, maybe look to some of Dior’s other foundations (two of my absolute ride-or-dies are the Forever Undercover and the Nude Air Serum).

The Dior Forever Perfect Cushion retails for RM240 at Dior outlets and selected Sephora stores.



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