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New Skincare Routine with Beaubelle Swiss Calm

Updated: May 29, 2021

Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it - I don’t know where people are getting their pregnancy glow from, because for me, I’ve been struggling ever since month 2 of this pregnancy! I’ve been experiencing extra sensitized skin, a whole bunch of breakouts, and really dry, dull skin and I had just about had enough. Then, I was approached by Beaubelle, a Swiss Alpine Spring water based skincare brand with a beautiful, gentle approach to skincare.

They invited me to try their Beaubelle Swiss Calm range - a simple, 3-4 step routine aimed at calming stressed and damaged skin whilst also providing a spa-like experience to calm the senses as well.

Before I hop into the review of this gorgeous range, a little background on Beaubelle and Swiss Alpine Spring water. Beaubelle‘s professional skincare products from Switzerland emphasize an inclusive and gentle approach to skincare. Beaubelle embraces the concept of aging joyfully whilst still enhancing the natural beauty of the skin. Beaubelle’s products come from the foothills of the Swiss Alps, where the Swiss Alpine Spring water undergoes its own natural process of filtration and enrichment as it travels from the tops of the mountains down into Beaubelle’s facilities. Swiss Alpine Spring water is naturally enriched with minerals and trace elements that can help to hydrate and boost the immunity of the skin.

My experience with these products was an absolutely lovely one! First of all, I’ve been so tired lately that having a pared-down skincare routine (I think I was doing a 7-8 step routine before this?) was such a welcome change. And just because a routine has less steps does not mean it’s any less effective.

Secondly, the textures and smells were absolutely divine! My favourite product in this range by far was the Stress Manager Swiss Rejuvenating Oil (more on that later) because it not only hydrated my skin well, it also made me feel like I was in a spa every single time I used it.

The first step of the routine is the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Mousse (RM160, 150mL). This has a lovely citrusy scent (the whole range does) and cleanses gently and effectively. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the texture - it is meant to be a foaming gel cleanser but there isn’t much foam, as you’ll see in the picture below, and it’s difficult to pump out of the bottle. Once you’ve used it a while, the bottle also starts to leak a little from the pump and it does get kinda messy, so be warned. Other than that, it does its job and cleanses well, I can even see that it lifts some stubborn eyelash glue from my lids when my makeup remover doesn’t get it all, so it is an effective product.

I then follow that with their Skin Saviour Soothing Serum (RM268, 30mL), a lovely hydrating serum that hydrates and helps balance the skin’s microbiome, which is essential for healthy skin. I love that this serum has a lightweight kind of texture but you still feel like your skin is hydrated once it sinks in.

Finally, the last step (or two, depending on how you choose to use the final product) is, for me, a mixture of the Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream (RM268, 50mL) with the Stress Manager Swiss Rejuvenating Oil (RM268, 30mL). This combo smells insanely good, is so soooo hydrating on the skin, and helps to calm the skin whilst protecting it from external aggressors like sun damage and free radicals. If you have oily skin and are concerned about applying an oil to your skin, oils are actually beneficial for your skin type, and if you’re unused to the feeling you can start off by only applying 1-2 drops and build up to 2-3 drops once you’re ready. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow, locks in hydration, and gives your makeup a good glowy base to sit on.

And now for my results, I’ll show you the before (left) and after (right) from 1 ½ weeks of use, in a few pictures first:

As you can see, my skin has reduced significantly in redness, and is less oily (as I mentioned before, oil is very beneficial for oily skin). Most of my spots are still there (if you’re looking to reduce spots, you might need to add on an acne treatment as this range didn’t do much to clear out my existing acne), but it’s obvious that they’ve reduced in size and redness.

All in all, this is a lovely, basic range for sensitive and sensitized skin, and it does wonders for the senses & nerves, which I feel contributes to overall skin improvement and user experience. I highly recommend this for anyone who has the budget for a premium skincare range and wants more of a spa-experience with a small, targeted range of beautifully made products.

To find out more about Beaubelle, visit their website below:

And visit their Facebook page here:



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