Product Review: Organique by Olinda Spring Whitening Skincare

Friday, September 14, 2018

The entire world is hopping onto the organic skincare trend, and for good reason. Products that are organic are safe for the skin, less likely to irritate sensitive skins, and gentle, yet effective. Today I'm reviewing a range of organic whitening products, so if you're looking for bright, luminous, clear skin - you're in the right place (or at least, reading the right article). Here we go.


Organique by Olinda Spring is a skincare brand that formulates their products using the natural spring waters of Olinda, in Mt. Dandenong, Australia. The waters are not only naturally filtered and pure, they're also mineral rich and supposedly good for health and highly beneficial to your skin. They've been making waves in Australia and beyond with their effective, natural, and affordable skincare, and they have, happily, reached Malaysian shores.

I received their entire whitening range. In this Whitening range there is the Gentle Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Facial Serum, Day Care Lotion, and Eye Cream. The range utilises Magnolia extract - high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and prevents UV-induced pigmentation.

I have been using and testing the products over the past 3 weeks. My skin at the beginning of my trial was pretty good - dehydrated, but clear and even. I did have freckles and sun spots around my cheekbones and temples, and I was hoping to reduce their appearance with continued use of this range.


What struck me immediately about Organique's packaging was the high quality, despite the product's price point. The bottles are made of a beautiful frosted glass and have the weight and feel of a luxury product. The pumps and covers all function beautifully and smoothly, and in these 3 weeks of use their functionality has remained top notch. I was incredibly pleased and impressed.


As is expected when you receive an entire range, I used all the products together in my daily skincare routine, only swapping out the day cream for a heavier, more hydrating moisturiser (the one I was using daily before trialling this range) at night.

The cleanser is foaming but doesn't give you the kind of crazy foam that you get from most - I personally prefer this because I feel it doesn't strip the skin as much.

I expected the lotion and day cream to be heavy and sticky, but they were both very lightweight and absorbed into the skin very quickly. My entire experience using the range was delightful and refreshing. The eye cream was slightly heavier, but still very lightweight, and almost felt like a heavier serum instead of a cream. This range is mildly scented, but I found it quite pleasant and the smell disappeared pretty quickly after application.


After my 3 weeks of use, I've found that my skin is brighter and more luminous - there is this glow about it when it's photographed, and my skin is less flaky in the dry areas around my cheeks and mouth. I haven't noticed a significant reduction in the darkness of my freckles and sun spots, though I do think this range is much more effective at preventing the development of new spots than it is for removing pre-existing spots.

In my opinion, this is a beautiful starter range for anyone looking to begin an affordable, complete whitening skincare routine. It covers all the bases - great value for money, good hydration, good protection for the skin. If you're looking to solve a more serious pigmentation problem, you might want to look at more extreme options instead (e.g. laser or peeling treatments).

This range retails at the below prices and is currently available at and I have a promo code! Enter EMILY20 for 20% off at checkout on their site.

Gentle Cleanser RM69
Multi-Active Toner RM79
Facial Serum RM129
Day Care Lotion RM89
Eye Cream RM99

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