Product Review: Meeracle - Gemstone Infused Skincare

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Here's a brand-new skincare trend you probably haven't heard about yet - gemstone-infused skincare. It's long been believed that precious and semi-precious stones give off an energy that is beneficial to the body. People all over the world place crystals in their home to redirect the energy and flow. I myself use crystals here and there (they worked beautifully for me when I was stressed out and homesick during my uni days) so of course I was highly intrigued by the concept of putting them into skincare. What exactly would they do? How does it work?

Meeracle has the answers. They're a new-ish player in the luxury skincare market, owned by Edelsteen Sdn Bhd - a Malaysian company. Their gemstone infused skincare uses active organic ingredients, alongside a very unique combination of diamond, ruby, and pearl extracts.
These gemstone extracts are gaining traction in the skincare market because they are very mineral-rich, and able to restore the skin's radiance and luminosity.

The two products in their range are a Facial Serum, and a Facial Cleanser.
Both products have simple, classic packaging. The serum comes with a pump dispenser, and the cleanser is simply packed in a squeeze tube. Both hygienic and practical.

Meeracle Facial Cleanser

This product removes excessive oil (malachite), minimizes the appearance of pores (avocado), is anti-aging (malachite, apple stem cell), eliminates and treats acne (malachite, green tea, aloe vera), and moisturises the skin (aloe vera, avocado).

It definitely is moisturising - I don't feel that dryness and tightness in my skin after cleansing, which is my number 1 pet-peeve and the main thing I look to avoid when it comes to cleansers. It foams and lathers up quite a bit, so a little goes a long way. I'm a huge fan of the smell, because it's quite nostalgic, and reminds me of a face cream that my mom used to use when I was younger.

Meeracle Facial Serum

This serum is basically an all-in-one - it brightens, whitens and reduces pigmentation (diamond, pearl, alpha arbutin),  reduces acne (diamond, alpha arbutin), protects the skin from UV damage (verbascum thapsus flower), and is anti-aging (diamond, pichia ferment lysate filtrate).

It's lightweight, has an almost sort of cooling effect on the skin when you apply it, and absorbs pretty quickly. The smell is a little strong for my liking - you know me, I only like subtle, natural smells - but fades into a subtle scent after a while. It is highly moisturising and you wake up in the morning to supple, soft skin. I'm so drawn by the texture and colour of this serum - it's extremely pearlescent, and has a pink tint to it. It almost looks like an otherworldly highlighter. When you apply it to your skin all it does is just provide a subtle glowy sheen, but it's so beautiful to look at up close. I'm considering using it as a natural-finish highlighter on top of my makeup, it's so beautiful.


These two products are meant to work together, so to buy them in a duo would be best. I personally enjoyed using them and I think they're a great all-rounder skincare product. They're moisturising and very well-packaged, and the concept of the serum is just so interesting, I am thoroughly fascinated by the look of it. I think they're a fantastic, affordable (both products together only cost RM150) option to have if you're looking for a skincare line that addresses multiple skin concerns. I'm definitely going to be using the serum though, on top of makeup this time, because it's really such a gorgeous looking product!

Do I think the gemstone-infusion is a gimmick? Not at all. I think this product is well-researched, and I do see the benefit in using skincare infused with gemstone extracts. My skin feels moisturised and tighter since using the serum in particular.

To find out more about Meeracle and their gemstone-infused skincare, visit their websiteFacebook page and Instagram.

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