Product Launch: Meeracle Gemstone Infused Skincare

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Just over a week ago was the launch of a new skincare concept in Malaysia - gemstone-infused skincare. The brand behind this? Meeracle. A Malaysian-owned brand, this skincare uses a unique blend of extract of ruby, diamond, and pearl as its main ingredients, alongside active organic ingredients.

The product range includes a facial cleanser and a serum (best used together), and both have gemstone extracts as their main ingredient. The serum is a brand new and improved formulation, and now contains 23 different active ingredients (previously, it had 21). I know it's strange to hear the word gemstone when you're talking about skincare, but the gemstone extracts have genuine benefits for the skin like anti-aging, whitening, skin cell renewal, oil reduction and pore cleansing.
These products are formulated with interesting textures, too. Most products are foam or gel based, but Meeracle's are lotion-based, and very moisturising. Plus, their serum is tinted and turns a beautiful, skin-flattering pink when applied.

Meeracle is currently the leading skincare brand in gemstone-infusion skincare and is the first product in Asia to utilise a blend of 3 gemstones in their product. You can find their products in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Dubai.

Their products are affordable enough so you can incorporate them into your everyday skincare without breaking the bank - the Meeracle Facial Cleanser retails at RM49 for a 50ml tube, and the Meeracle Facial Serum comes packaged in a 30ml bottle and retails at RM79.

During the launch, the brand (to my surprise) also announced a CSR campaign called EMPOWERING YOU, where they plan to reach out to disadvantaged women to help them improve their situation in different ways.

Meera Nordin, Founder of Meeracle and the Managing Director of Edelsteen Sdn
Bhd, Raja Mohd Nasrullah Haziq at the product launch event

If you're as fascinated as I am by this skincare concept, check out Meeracle on their socials here:
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I'm also so excited to announce that I've got a promo code for those of you who are thinking of purchasing the product! All you need to do is call +6010 298 5279 (Ika) and by quoting 'MeeracleEmily', you will get a 20% discount on the cleanser and serum set. This is only available to the first 50 callers, so get in on it quick if you want your discount!

What do you think? Will you be testing out this brand new concept skincare? I'm excited to try it out! Stay tuned for my updates J

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