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Thursday, March 23, 2017

If you're a woman looking to get rid of love handles, you'll know - it's not very easy. Luckily for us, there are always new, innovative methods of getting rid of difficult body fat being invented, and luckily for you guys, I got to trial one such method, and I'm going to share with you my experience!

So a few weeks ago, I was invited to Esadsa House in Mid Valley City to experience a fat-loss treatment from Zimmer Aesthetics, called 'Cryo-Lipolysis'. This treatment is all the rage in Singapore at the moment. It utilises a machine that essentially targets your fat and freezes it. This destroys the fat cells, which are then eliminated via your lymphatic drainage system. Much science, no?

Let's get down to the actual procedure, and my experience with it.

So with this treatment, you need to determine which areas you'd like to target. You can choose any area on your body like your arms, thighs, waist, or belly. I chose to do my belly and my lower back (where I carry what you could call 'love handles').

The preparation process generally takes about an hour, and this is where they get you to change into a hospital gown, and the doctor takes a look at your body (with underwear on, of course!) to consult you and decide how best to proceed, as well as advise which areas they feel are best to target.

Next comes the actual treatment. Because your body is essentially going to be facing freezing temperatures, your skin needs to be protected. So firstly, a gel pad is applied to the skin.

The doctor and her assistant applying the gel pad to my tummy, the first area I chose to target for this treatment.

Then, the actual machine is held to the gel pad. The machine then essentially 'sucks' your fat into it, and starts to freeze it.

Applying the machine to the gel pad - it is held to the gel pad and skin until it starts working, and once it sucks the fat into the machine, it sticks there.

The machine shows the process - how much time is left for the treatment, how much fat was sucked into the machine, and how strong the suction is.

This process takes about an hour, and since the machine has only two heads, you can only target two areas at a time. This means that if you'd like to target your thighs and your belly, for example, you'll have to do them in two separate one-hour sessions, because each thigh requires one head, and the belly will be left for the next session (or vice versa).

To start, the machine pulsates its suction. This means it sucks your fat in, then lets go, then sucks it in again, and repeats this for about 5 minutes before it sucks it in holds it. This whole process is slightly painful (but only very slightly), because it does feel like something is pinching you. You get used to it after a while though. Then you can relax and wait out your hour with your phone (bring a powerbank!) or a book or magazine. You can even bring a friend to hang out and chat with you whilst waiting.

After the fat-freezing treatment is done, another treatment called Z-Wave is also performed. This helps to move the dead cells along your drainage system, speeding up the fat-loss process. Usually, a massage is done, but results have shown that Z-Wave treatment helps to increase fat loss by up to 44%. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being painless and 10 being the most painful, I would say this was a 3? There is only mild pain when the doctor presses the machine a little harder against any taut muscles.

Z-Wave treatment done by the doctor right after my Cryo-Lipolysis.

Getting the treatment done on my lower back. This was a little difficult as the machine is curved, and my lower back isn't quite as curved.

A close-up of the machine being applied to my lower back.

My personal experience of the process was very pleasant. The doctors and assistants at Esadsa House were professional, thoughtful (I got pillows and blankets to make the treatment more comfortable and to prop me up so that the machine could do its work), and very accommodating. They were very careful to make me feel comfortable with my body and in my own skin, and for that I am grateful.

So what can you expect post-treatment? There is no downtime, so you're free to do anything you like after your session. I did experience slight bruising and discolouration in the areas where the machine was applied, but this subsided within a week. Some people have reported a slight sore feeling, almost like muscle soreness after a workout, but I didn't experience that. Zimmer claims that the treatment has virtually no side effects. As far as fat loss goes, this is meant to take place over a period of 10-12 weeks (I'm in week 4, by the way). Zimmer guarantees fat reduction by as much as 12-20% (including weekly shockwave treatments). So far I'm seeing a slight improvement, particularly in the area of my lower back that usually sticks out above the waistband of my jeans. I'll let you know if I see more improvement when the 12 weeks are up.

If you want to find out a little bit more about this, as well as where you can find your nearest clinic, you can visit the Zimmer Aesthetics website here:

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