Product Review: Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator

Friday, September 09, 2016

If you're familiar with Laneige, you might know of their Perfect Renew range, and its star product - the Perfect Renew Regenerator.

This blue bottle of goodness is a serum aimed at rejuvenating and renewing the skin. Basically, it's anti-ageing.

Laneige has an interesting take on ageing - they break down the skin into what they call triangles, claiming that young skin starts off with 'baby triangles', which soon distort through the stretching of skin, causing bad texture, sagging, and loss of luminosity. Their serum is meant to restore this 'shape', hence restoring the skin's texture, luminosity, and firmness.

I've just started using this serum (I received it about a week ago), so I'm only just getting a feel of how it performs on my skin. So far, here's what I think.

Love the bottle, it's really pretty and I like that it comes with a dropper, which is really hygienic. It is a little light, and I personally would prefer a heavier, more luxe feel to the bottle, but hey, it travels well, so that's a plus. I love how it looks on my dresser though!

The serum is a white, semi-opaque liquid, and it feels very smooth and silicone-y. It absorbs quickly into the skin, but leaves what I would describe as a moisturising (but not greasy) film on the skin. It is described as being safe for expectant mothers, so you are free to use it whilst pregnant (I hear that skin conditions tend to worsen after pregnancy).

As I mentioned, I only received this serum a few days ago, so the effects I've experienced are only just the beginning. I brought this on vacation with me (I was in Paris a couple of months ago, you can check my vlog out here), and I always break out when I'm on vacation, but surprisingly, this time I barely experienced any breakouts. My skin, though it went through four flights, endless amounts of sun, and countless car and bus rides, not to mention dust and dirt from being out and about every single day, stayed smooth, happy, and healthy. I think that says a lot about this serum, since I always, always experience dry, bumpy skin and breakouts when I put it through the stresses of travelling. I can't say much about its firming effects since I've only used it for such a short while, and I have pretty firm skin as it is *touch wood*. As an overall, skin-improving serum though, this does the job of several other, more expensive serums, at a decent price. It retails for RM225 at Laneige counters and stores throughout Malaysia.

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