How Lasers Saved My Skin

Friday, April 08, 2016

Today I'm going to embrace the age-old cliche of a rebellious teenage daughter turned adult who wishes she'd listened to her father when she was younger. Today, I'm going to share with you a story of a facial treatment that my Dad hailed as miraculous a long time ago, that I've only just started trying, and that I believe has changed my skin.

I'm talking about laser facials. There are a ton of different types of laser treatments out there, some aimed at doing the same thing, others to treat different kinds of skin issues. I started laser treatments a couple of years ago, when I first came back to Malaysia. These laser treatments were quite pricey, intense (some lasted almost an hour) and there was downtime (my skin would get red and raw, and I had to stay out of the sun for a few days, or risk bad sun damage). The results were amazing. More on that in another blogpost. This time, I'm talking about a less intense, no downtime, easy and quick way of getting your laser facials in without disrupting your work or social life.

I first heard of Glo Laser when one of their branches popped up just as I was attending an event in Mid Valley. I was walking past and was handed a brochure. I was floored by their prices. How, I thought, could a laser facial centre offer such low prices?! I told my Dad about it, and now my entire family goes to Glo to upkeep their skin.

So how do lasers help?
They basically use light pulses to remove the top layer of skin, stimulating your skin to heal and renew. This helps to slow the ageing process, removes dead skin to reveal luminous, glowing skin, lightens your skin, prevents acne and reduces pore size, and fades acne scars. Lasers are basically everything you need to upkeep beautiful, glowing, youthful skin. That, and a good set of skincare, of course!

Through my YouTube channel, I've managed to gather a collection of pictures to show you my issues with acne. I have never had bad acne, but I have constantly had acne (always 5-10 spots at any given time), and big cystic ones, which led to a lot of scars. I knew I really wanted to do something about them, and that's when I turned to lasers. Here's what my skin looked like before:

What about Glo?
Glo is awesome because they are so quick, easy and affordable. Once you're done with your initial (10 minutes tops) consultation, you're able to make appointments simply by showing up at the mall where their branches are located, turn on their app, and book yourself in. You'll be placed in queue, and you can basically shop around or have a coffee and head over to the branch at your appointment time. Treatments only take around 15 minutes, so you don't have to wait long, and you don't have to waste your time in a long facial either.
Glo is also much, much cheaper than any other laser clinic at the moment, even though their lasers are top quality, from the US, and FDA approved. On average, a laser session could cost you anywhere between RM2,000 - RM7,000, but Glo's treatments average at around RM200 per session when you buy in bulk.

Their lasers are not as invasive as the lasers you get in aesthetic clinics, so if your skin is in bad condition it might take a little longer to address your skin issues. According to Glo, their lasers are just as effective, it just takes a longer time to address the skin issues because their lasers are not as intense, which also makes them more suitable for people with sensitive skin.

And my own experience after laser treatment has been extremely positive. My skin is much clearer, and I barely break out. Here's what my bare skin looks like today:

And this skin will only get better and better with more treatment, so I can't wait to share my skin journey with you guys! Follow me on Snapchat @emilyquak to find out more and check out my skin's progress.

Now here's the fun part! I'm sharing my very own promo code for you guys, so you'd better get on it! Here's what you get:
RM188 for 2 face, 1 neck and 1 lips treatment (Usually you only get 2 face treatments)
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This promo only lasts till April 15th, so get on it quick. After April 15th, you will no longer get the free 1 neck and 1 lips treatment, but the other discounts will still be valid, all with the code:


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