Product Review: Genaissance de la Mer - The Serum Essence

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Okay guys. Prepare to take out your wallets and cry, because this is a doozy!

A while (ok, maybe a little more than a while) ago, La Mer released their Genaissance de la Mer - the Serum Essence, the epitome of luxe, rich serums, and the world basically stopped.

Okay, I am exaggerating. But just a little.

This serum is made out of pure Crystal Miracle Broth (these are concentrated crystals that form in the beakers of Miracle Broth in La Mer labs) and targets lines, wrinkles, and sagging in the skin.

The packaging is extremely luxurious, featuring a champagne gold, heavy glass bottle with an equally sturdy glass dropper, nestled within a shiny gold box. The luxury doesn't stop there. The serum itself is a gorgeous texture, so smooth and easy to apply, and it absorbs almost instantly into the skin.

I don't have exceptionally saggy skin (and for that I'm grateful), but I have started to experience a sagging in my skin where my mouth and cheek meet, and I've noticed a distinct softening and loosening in the skin around my neck.
Within 2 and a half weeks of using this serum (I should mention, that I only use this at night, because that's when I feel I will get the most out of this serum - waste not!), the first thing I noticed (and obviously so) was that the skin around my neck area felt firm and smooth. I no longer see the obvious lines around my mouth, and even the skin around my eyes feels firmer!
I have oily/combination skin - generally a bad match for La Mer products, which are targeted at consumers with drier, and generally more mature skin - but this serum hasn't caused me to break out or react in any way.

Sadly for my wallet and sanity, this serum packs a hell of a punch, and then some. It's by far the most effective anti-ageing serum I've tried (and the most expensive, at RM2,415 per bottle) and I do see myself craving more once I run out. If you have the financials to back this kind of purchase, I highly suggest you head right on over to a La Mer counter and drop that cash like it's hot because this is going to do wonders. If you're not convinced, try and see if they have samples? Because you'll likely be able to make a decision within about 2 weeks of using this.

What do you guys think? Would you ever make a purchase this big? Is your skin and youth worth it?

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