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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Contact lenses are a new thing to me - I never used to wear them, but I'm starting to explore and experiment with them little by little.

I'm a very cautious person, so I've never been inclined to try out cosmetic contact lenses from random brands, and so far I've only ever tried out contact lenses from reputable brands, such as the brand I'm sharing with you guys today - FreshKon.

I was recently given the chance to try out one of their flagship products, the FreshKon Alluring Eyes Daily, one-wear disposable lens designed to enlarge and brighten the eyes.

These come in individual packs, great for travel and on-the-go use. They're convenient and hygienic, which has answered one of my primary concerns with contact lenses.

The FreshKon Alluring Eyes Daily contact lenses are meant to enlarge your eyes, make them appear brighter, and are made as one-time use, disposable lenses for ultimate hygiene and convenience. The lenses come in 3 colours, Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey, and Mystical Black.

These lenses were extremely comfortable, even for a novice contact lens wearer! I'm told this is thanks to the high water content of the contact lenses (58%!), Hyaluronic Acid for lubrication, and the Hydrophilic (meaning water-loving) surface. The contact lens also offers a large optical zone, for clear, unhindered vision.

I have been enjoying using them, and generally wear them for daytime events with a clean smoky eye. All you need to do is run some light brown eyeshadow into your crease, then buff some darker brown into the outer corners. Follow with a gel eyeliner (I use black, but you can use brown for a more natural daytime look) and smoke out the eyeliner a little bit for a softer finish. Then, apply plenty of mascara, and you're done!

FreshKon Alluring Eyes Daily in Winsome Brown

For a more glam, nighttime makeup, all I do is amp up the dark brown eyeshadow and add some more black eyeliner, and maybe some false eyelashes. With the darker looks, I also like to use a lighter coloured contact lens to compliment the look more.

FreshKon Alluring Eyes Daily in Magnetic Grey

Overall I've found these to be really easy to apply, and very comfortable to wear. They've enhanced my makeup and made my eyes look much more 'alluring'. I'm in love with using these for my special occasions, and I highly recommend using contact lenses from a reputable brand, and to avoid generic, no-name cosmetic lenses. If you'd like to learn more about FreshKon, check out their:

Facebook page:
Instagram: @freshkonmy

Or you can join the FreshKon Club for exclusive activities and promotions here:

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