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Friday, October 02, 2015

Asians and our eyes - this subject issue will probably never go away. There are so many surgical procedures, cosmetic techniques, and temporary fixes out there to enlarge and enhance Asian eyes. I recently had the opportunity to try one, which was a rather big decision for me, because it is a semi permanent solution.

What I tried is currently called the DST procedure - a double-suture technique used to stitch the eyelid and create a double-eyelid. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking - I already have double eyelids. That is true, but I felt like they were very hooded, and I wanted to decrease the appearance of the hood and make the double eyelid more prominent. And I managed to achieve that - here's a look at my before and after photos (with makeup).

As you can see, my double eyelid is now slightly more prominent. The real difference shows when I'm looking up at the camera, because that's when my hooded lids were most prominent.

The decision to do this wasn't an easy one - I was worried about changing my look permanently, that it wouldn't be even, that the doctor might botch it up or use unsanitary tools, or that it would hurt!

I took my time thinking it through, reading reviews, and learning as much as I could about clinics around Malaysia and other bloggers' reviews of those clinics. This is a really important step, because only through research will you know what to expect (most people said that their procedures didn't hurt, which helped a lot calming me down!). By far, the most reviews came from ME Clinic in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, and as far as I could tell the doctor did a great job on all girls (and guys) whose pictures and reviews I managed to find.

I want to add my experience to those reviews and share with you guys what I thought, getting this procedure done on myself.

I started off with a consultation at ME Clinic with the doctor, who was really frank, telling me that I wouldn't experience a large difference with my eyelids. I appreciated his honesty and though I already had double eyelids, I still wanted to go ahead and do it anyway, because I wanted that lift in my hooded lids.

On the day of the procedure, right before I went in.

A few weeks later was my actual appointment. I'm not gonna lie here - I was really, really nervous. I didn't want it to come out wrong, I didn't want to look too different, and I most definitely did not want to experience any pain. Once I got in and started prepping, my nerves were calmed somewhat by the kind nurse, who chatted with me and reassured me that the doctor did these procedures multiple times a day, and that he was very experienced. What he would be doing was stitching my lids together to create a stronger lid-line, then puncturing 3 holes into my lid to 'bury' the stitches - so nothing is visible on the surface of the lid.
She was right - the procedure took almost no time at all - barely an hour passed before I was sitting up and chatting with the doctor about how it went. Oh, and I did experience a bit of pain, particularly when the doctor was injecting anaesthetic into my lids. Thankfully, the pain wasn't continuous, though you do have to be injected numerous times (at least 3 per lid).

Immediately post-procedure, I went out with my friends. I know, how genius of me to have arranged to go out right after something like this! It wasn't the best idea, because my lids were bleeding a little, and I needed to wipe the blood away whilst still keeping the lid clean, out in a shopping mall with people staring at my bloody lids. This is where I got a tiny bit concerned, because I was worried about how I would keep the area sanitary - do I use tissue paper? Should I buy gauze? Should it be Dettol or water? Should it be distilled water? - and the nurses (in an evil twist of fate) happened to be busy just when I called and texted them for advice. At first I received an immediate reply, but then after I replied, they took a while to respond - I later found out they had their hands completely full and were trying to answer as quickly as possible. Here's what my lids looked like (in the middle of Tropicana City Mall at midday, haha!)

Post-procedure I was out and about, and the puncture wounds started bleeding.

I managed to solve my issue finally, by using some mineral water and tissue paper, and just dabbing at my eyes slowly. They were quite raw at this point, and I felt a burning sensation (same as when I did my brow embroidery) that wasn't too painful, just a little bit uncomfortable. I was given painkillers but didn't feel the need to take them at all. I felt this tugging sensation, like I couldn't open my eyes fully. It didn't look weird, according to J, I just felt self-conscious because I kept thinking it made me look drunk.

My eyes were swollen for about 2 weeks before the swelling finally went down, but honestly, I prefer the look of my lids with a bit of swelling, shown here at the 1 week mark:

A bit of swelling quite visible without any makeup - pictured here with my favourite mask for oily, clogged skin, the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask.

1 1/2 weeks in - I think this was my favourite because it looked really good with makeup on.

I was advised to keep the area dry (I used Dr Jart+ Cleansing Water to cleanse my face), and stay away from alcohol and makeup. I started wearing makeup about 1 1/2 weeks in, which is when I took the picture above. Sadly, the swelling went down and so did the size of my double-lid. Currently, this is what my eyes look like. It's been a few months since my procedure.

What do you guys think? It's definitely an improvement, to me, though I did enjoy the week when my eyes had a tiny bit of swelling left to them, haha! I'm still loving my new look though, because my makeup shows really well, even on my right eye which had quite a bit of a hood. Overall, I was very impressed with the professionalism of ME Clinic. They were reassuring, honest and straightforward, quick, hygienic and professional.

Check ME Clinic out here:

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