Eversoft Skinz UV White

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Have you ever wondered how you could get porcelain skin in a few simple steps?

I know I have.

Well, ladies and gents, look no further. A Japanese skincare line has come up with the perfect solution - a 5-step skincare range dedicated to whitening, brightening and repairing your skin - Eversoft Skinz UV White.

Ah, but what is UV White, you ask? Well, that's what I'm here for ;)

Here's a quick breakdown of the range, and its benefits.

  • Sakura leaf extract to smooth and brighten the skin
  • Lipo-Vit C designed to penetrate deeply into the skin and reduce hyper-pigmentation and sun spots
  • Uji Tea Extract as a powerful antioxidant to help repair your skin and protect it from external pollutants

The range is made up of:

Step one: Cleansers! One is for daily use and the rest are to use once weekly - a mask, a blackhead exfoliator, and a facial scrub. These three products pack a big exfoliating punch, so say bye-bye to your blackheads, dull skin, and dead skin cells.

Step 2, a simple, cooling toner to calm and prep your skin for your skincare. Step 3, a lightweight serum that targets pigmentation and dark spots, and Step 4 - a day cream (containing SPF20 PA++) and night cream.

And finally, Step 5 - a lightweight, medium-coverage BB cream that nourishes, brightens, and protects your skin as you use it.

Eversoft Skinz UV White utilises the latest in Japanese skincare technology to create potent ingredients packed into affordable, efficient little packages. The range promises visible results in as little as two weeks!!
Now, that's what I call efficient.

Me, using the Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator

Interested in this whitening range?

The Eversoft Skinz UV White range is now available at all leading pharmacies for the affordable price range of RM14.90-RM42.90 per bottle.

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