Product Review: Chanel Rouge Coco

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm sure we've all seen that incredibly sensuous ad by now - Kiera Knightley looking seductively at the camera, saying only three words - 'I Love Coco'.

I, of course, being completely smitten with Chanel, am completely smitten with the ad. I want to be Kiera Knightley; I want her clothes, I want her lips, and by gosh, I want to know the colour of the Rouge Coco she is wearing on her lips (p.s. I suspect it's Arthur).
Now that's an ad.

I was lucky enough to be sent a range of colours from this collection from the oh-so-lovely PR at Chanel (thank you, darling!) and after trying them, I feel I must share my review and some swatches of these lovelies.

These lipsticks are almost everything I could want in a lipstick:
  • Creamy finish - I love my lipsticks to have that thick, creamy look on the lips. It plumps the lips and makes them look luscious and kissable.
  • Lightweight - despite their creamy look, they feel like a slight slick of balm on the lips. There's no stickiness or heaviness and they're so comfy to wear.
  • Gorgeous colours - Chanel's focus has always been elegance and class, so they have some classic colours that a lot of brands don't do, and that wouldn't normally excite you at the counter but look amazing when worn.
  • Pigmented - these have a medium to full pigment, so they're perfect even when worn without a lip liner. In fact, I'm not wearing any lip liner in all my swatches below. Their lighter colours tend to be a bit less pigmented, but most of them cover the lips and the lip lines very well. But they're not so pigmented as to need extreme precision with application (we see that in the liquid lipsticks nowadays - the smallest error and your lips look crooked!).

Because they're so creamy and lightweight, they don't last as long on the lips. Touch-ups are exceedingly easy though, just apply straight from the bullet and you're done.

Check out my swatches of some of my favourite colours in the collection.

Duck-face alert!

My absolute favourites are:

Madamoiselle - this is the perfect example of that classic colour that you wouldn't normally get excited about when swatching at a beauty counter. But oh my gosh, when I applied this, I immediately fell in love! It's a gorgeous, brown-toned rose colour that flatters all complexions. You know sometimes when you see an actress sporting a MLBB colour in a movie and you wonder how to get that kind of barely there, yet super flattering colour? This is that colour! It looks so beautiful, this swatch doesn't do it justice!

Adrienne - this is another one of my everyday must-haves! It's a lovely beige-pink that's well-pigmented. I love my nude lipsticks and if I had to pick a nude Chanel lipstick for warm skin tones, this would be it! This one is so pretty, it deserves its own picture (I wear this all the time, so I have a ton). My lips were 'blanked out' with a bit of foundation before I applied it in this picture - I find this is my favourite way to wear this lipstick.

Wearing Chanel Perfection Luniere in this picture, mixed in with a glow-giving primer from Innisfree.

Jean - this colour is so interesting because it's such an in-trend colour, and yet it's been done in such an old-school, classic way. Fuchsia is all over makeup counters and beauty magazines, but they're mostly done in glossy or really pigmented ways. This particular Chanel offering is creamy, moderately-to-well pigmented, but still as bright and attractive as any fuchsia lipstick out there. So interesting, and definitely one to have if you're feeling adventurous but don't want a fuchsia lip that pops too much.

These lipsticks retail at Chanel counters for RM109 per lipstick, and come in a huge variety of shades. Head in to a Chanel counter to get some help picking out a shade that's just right for you - they've got an awesome range of reds and you're sure to find the perfect one for your preferences/skin tone.

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