Product Review: Chulip Lip Balm

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I have to admit, when my Chulip package first arrived at my doorstep, I was like an excited child. I'm not a huge lip balm person, but don't these just scream c-u-t-e?! They take me back to my childhood, when I first visited a cold country and was fascinated by my first ever lip balm purchase - so minty fresh and almost like I had my very own lipstick!

But anyway, back to these lip balms. Chulip comes in adorable little dome-shaped pots with a lip impressed into the side. To me they kind of look like a boiled egg once you peel off half the shell - don't you think? It makes me feel as though I'm about to kiss a really, really juicy lip balm. The shape of these aren't revolutionary or new, but they're really convenient. Just a quick pucker (chu means 'kiss' in Japanese!), a couple of swipes, and you're ready to go.

Of course, everyone wants to know if these things really work. Personally, I think they're convenient and a great way to carry and apply your lip balm on the go. They feel really moisturising on the lips and create a nice creamy layer, and they feel the slightest bit minty too. They're formulated with olive oil, macadamia oil, and rosehip oil (this ingredient is also anti-aging!) so your lips will stay smooth, soft and moisturised.

Their current range has a wide variety of flavours though they're all colourless - the purple Arabian Floral Shower (not really my thing), the apple-red NY, Brilliant My Way, pink Paris, Perfect Memories, and green Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia. I'm not sure why the names, but my favourite scents are the Paris, Perfect Memories (a sweet, but not too cloying strawberry scent) and Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (a peachy scent).

These will retail at pharmacies and supermarkets for RM25.90 per pot, and one pot will last you a good, long time (have you seen the amount of product packed into one pot?!).

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