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Friday, October 10, 2014

Let me just premise this by saying that I am no stranger to the world of online shopping. Back in Melbourne, that was the only way to get a good deal on something.

So when I came back to  Malaysia, I was a little confused at the lack of online shopping options. Thankfully, it looks like this will no longer be the case because a lot of vendors are now choosing to open the virtual doors to their the form of online stores!

I was particularly excited when I heard that Uniqlo was launching their online store (it has been up and running for some time now), because - and I'm not exaggerating here - my family are Uniqlo addicts. My Dad's office and casual wear consist 80% of Uniqlo clothing, and my sister and I are on a mission to see who can buy the largest number of their extremely soft and comfy jeggings (Mum has just joined in the race).

I made my virgin order a couple of weeks ago, and here's how it went:

Browsing the site

I had fun browsing the site, both on desktop and mobile - the interface was very user-friendly, and everything went smoothly. I was particularly impressed by the care Uniqlo took to show what the outfit would look like:

Notice the number of pictures on the bottom left - I appreciate when a site has their clothing put on a model because who knows what a piece clothing is going to look like from a flat-lay picture?!

I was also very thankful for their sizing chart, because otherwise I would be at a total loss, not knowing which size to buy. I am one of those people who doesn't know their size. Everything has to be tried on before I buy!
Oh and by the way, how awesome does that trench coat look? I can just imagine wearing it to every single coffee run and sightseeing trip when I go travelling to Japan and Korea in November!

Checking out

I piled like a dozen items into my shopping bag (aside from awesome trench coats, Uniqlo also makes awesome basic-wear, and I am a sucker for their tank tops, ultra-stretch jeans, and blouses) and moved on to check out.

The view when you click to your shopping bag is extremely detailed, showing you exactly what you added:


At the moment, Uniqlo's website only accepts credit cards. Payment was quick and easy (even via mobile). For a limited time, Uniqlo is offering free shipping to orders over RM150, and of course, because I am obsessed with Uniqlo, I naturally was way over the free shipping mark (heheh).

Receiving my Order

I placed my order on Friday afternoon, and by Monday, my big box of Uniqlo goodies was waiting at my doorstep (hurray for lightning-quick shipping!). The order was packaged neatly and securely:

The clothes were, of course, of fantastic quality, and exactly as pictured on the site (except the clothes looked better on the model than they did me!):

A fantastic shopping experience that I would gladly repeat. If you're too busy to get to a store, consider online shopping as an option!

Click here to enter Uniqlo's website.

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