Product Review: Pristine Skincare

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

About 6 weeks back, I received an absolutely gorgeous box of skincare from the skincare brand Pristine; their Rejuva skincare set.

This skincare set is aimed at restoring elasticity and clarity to your skin, and utilises 4 products to do so. Here's what they are and what they do:

This set comes in a beautiful blue box, and the box houses 4 bottles, also blue with silver accents. All bottles are airless pump bottles, which I love, because I find jars quite unsanitary. The bottles are made well and sturdy, and feel quite luxurious in my hands.

The 4 products within the box are:

1. Refreshing Gel - this is an exfoliating product that takes off the top layer of dead skin cells on your skin. This helps the following products absorb into your skin and perform their job more easily, basically.

2. Cleansing Gel - this is a light, mildly foaming cleanser that's quite a pleasure to use. It doesn't dry the skin out too much, and has a lovely light scent, nothing too strong.

3. Hydrating Toner - again, another light product that doesn't weigh the skin down, and feels very refreshing to use. I pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and apply it to my face in upward, swiping motions.

4. Facial Serum - this serum feels a little sticky on the skin when you first apply it, but soon it absorbs into your skin, leaving nothing but a smooth, velvety feel on the skin.

The results of using these products? I tried this on Jason because he hasn't tried skincare since his last trial with SK-II, so on his skin, the results would be easier to track. What I saw was clearer skin (no more lumps and sun spots!), softer skin (more pinkness even!), and the best part was, the lines around his eyes were less visible. I have noticed recently that his skin has been looking much better than usual, and the only difference is that he has started using these Pristine products as a skincare routine.
The results were actually extremely impressive, and I'm really happy that the products managed to do such good things for Jason's skin.

If you'd like to get your hands on some Pristine products, check out their website at Use the code EMILY at checkout to receive 15% off and free delivery on your order!

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