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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If you remember my Overnight Mask post, you'll know how much I adore overnight masks, and why they are so much more effective than most 15-minute masks.

That's why I want to update the post, and add on to the overnight masks that I've found (and loved!). Here we go!

1. Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Mask
This is a cream-based mask, formulated with collagen for firming the skin, as well as arbutin and vitamin C for whitening and brightening. Another overnight mask, you are meant to apply one pump, which should be just enough for your face and neck, and leave it on while you sleep. So what does this mask actually do? In my experience using it over the past couple of months, it reduces the appearance of pores, brightens, and repairs your skin. You see quite a difference in the appearance of your skin the morning after you apply it. I would recommend using it once a week, twice at most. (Available via

2. Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask
I know I only recently talked about this mask (included in a fabulous Skin Inc starter kit), but I just had to add this to the list! This is a mask focused on purely hydrating the skin, and it does a fantastic job, too! Gel-based and quite light, this mask sits on your skin for a minute or so before absorbing completely into a velvety smooth finish. My skin the morning after is always lush, radiant, and clear. Moisture in your skin is the number 1 way to prevent skin damage, wrinkles, and scars, so this mask is a great all-rounder.

3. La Mer The Intensive Revitalising Mask
This isn't an overnight mask per se, but I still enjoy using it at night before I go to bed, and it fits so seamlessly into my routine that I barely notice the extra step. This mask is one of those all-rounder masks that handles "environmental stress". More specifically, it contains La Mer's brand new formulations which they are calling the Vitality Ferment (for hydration and elasticity), and the Purifying Ferment (anti-oxidant). You apply this mask for 8 minutes (not sure why it's so specific, but heck, I'll go with it) and then tissue off the excess. I'll usually apply this mask right after cleansing (I like to do this with most masks because I want my skin to be completely receptive to the ingredients, without the barrier of another product underneath), then follow it with my face oils and moisturiser before bed. Frankly, I wasn't expecting much, but I witnessed a noticeable change in my skin - my pimples (from my recent trips and holidays, and not much sleep at all) were less angry and much smaller in size, my pimple scars weren't as obvious, and my skin was smoother. I am very impressed, and I cannot stop using it!

4. FAB Facial Radiance Overnight Mask
I don't like including negative reviews on my blog, and most products sent to me that I don't like won't find their way onto my blog. However a few of you have emailed me asking why I never 'hate' anything on my blog, which I understand (why trust someone who loves everything, right?) so I wanted to share my less-than-positive experiences as well. This FAB mask I received for review in my Glam box (watch the unboxing video here), and I was excited to try it, as I usually am with all overnight masks. Unfortunately, this mask didn't do much for me. My face was a little bit greasy even hours after application, and the next morning, my face was still very greasy-looking, and my pores looked huge. I think this product is best suited to people with much drier skin than mine, as I've seen a few positive reviews of this mask floating around online as well.

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