My Singapore Trip with Skin Inc!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just last week, I had the pleasure of being flown into Singapore to join the global Skin Inc press launch, an event celebrating (as is probably obvious from its name) the global launch of their revolutionary Skin Identity skin check. With this innovative skin check, you can discover your unique skin identity and be empowered to co-create your own one-size-fits-one custom skincare solution - all with the click of a button on their website!

Skin Inc is a brand specialising in the latest skincare technologies and the custom-blending of skincare to suit an individual's needs. I'd noticed the brand before in my shopping trips to Sephora as well as on Luxola, and was intrigued by the brand's promise of customised skincare (as well as its high price tag, but more on that later) and improved skin. Needless to say, I lapped up all the information at the event, and am more than happy to share what I learned with you. Of course, I know you guys only want bite-sized pieces of information, so here's a quick summary of what I discovered on my trip:

1. Skin Inc is 'Singaporean-born and bred', with its skincare researched and developed using the latest technologies available to laboratories in Japan.

2. Skin Inc's serums contain potent active ingredients that scientists have managed to shape into little encapsulated beads, suspended within a highly moisturising, yet lightweight formula. This helps the products penetrate quickly and easily into the skin, which means more efficient skincare.

3. To customise your own concoction, you can take a questionnaire on, and a special blend of 3 ingredients will be prescribed to you.

4. You can then get this combination mixed for you at dedicated Skin Inc beauty bars around Singapore (Skin Inc has yet to launch a dedicated counter in Malaysia, however you can head into Sephora and purchase your prescribed combination and mix it in yourself.)

5. Skin Inc provides bottles for you to mix your serums into, and you can choose any colour you like to mix your serums into. These bottles even come with a little label you can write on so you always remember what ingredients were used in your own concoction.

6. Your specialised combination of ingredients is called 'My Daily Dose', and it is recommended that you apply 3 drops, twice daily.

7. Skin Inc beauty bars also provide facials, and they're unlike any I've ever experienced - using blasts of oxygen to exfoliate the skin and Japanese thermal water to calm and moisturise. I highly recommend trying one if you're ever near a Skin Inc store in Singapore!

Me, fresh (and completely bare) faced after my Skin Inc facial at ION Orchard mall in Singapore.

8. The Sofitel So Singapore (where we stayed throughout this press trip) is 7 kinds of fancy and then some, with the most friendly, helpful staff I have ever met! Here's a picture of my room (I LOVED it!):

9. You get to meet the most beautiful (both inside and out) and friendly people on trips like this. I had the distinct pleasure of travelling with Aida Sue and Carmen Soo, both of whom are the most gorgeous, friendly ladies, and I am so grateful to have met them. I also was able to meet some lovely Gushcloud girls from Singapore, and some fabulous Thai bloggers who have become fast friends :)

Now if you guys are interested in trying out this fabulous skincare brand for yourself, Skin Inc actually has a lovely starter kit that contains their award-winning 3-step regime and is perfect for someone making their first foray into their skincare range. It contains trial sizes of 3 of their famous serums, a Pure Revival Peel (this fabulous mild chemical peel that acts as an exfoliant), and their Pure Deepsea Hydrating overnight mask. You can blend all three serums together to apply to your skin; the serums in this pack are formulated to give a radiance and glow to your skin.

To use, simply blend all three serums together (you can mix them into a dropper bottle or simply apply a drop each onto your fingertips), pat into your skin, then run your fingers over your skin in a piano-playing motion to help the serums absorb into your skin. For even better results, you can use their Pure Revival Peel before applying the serums (apply to your skin and leave on for a minute or so, then rub your hands into your skin - you'll feel the your dead skin cells ball up and fall away!), then, follow with their moisturiser.
I tried this kit as soon as I got back from Singapore, and I am in love with these amazing products! I can't even choose a favourite because these products are all so great. The Pure Revival Peel is a gorgeous exfoliant that isn't too harsh on the skin, the Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask is fantastic because it is so convenient and extremely moisturising (click here to find out why I am all about overnight masks), and the serums - as I mentioned above - are potent and so on-point performance-wise. Within a couple of days of using these products, I was waking up to plump, moisturised, glowing skin; and within a week or so, my skin was vibrant and luminous - the glow was showing up even under my foundation!

I had such a fabulous time this trip, and would not have been able to do it without Gushcloud Malaysia and the beautiful people at Skin Inc. Thank you so much guys, and let's do this again sometime ;)

If you're interested in purchasing products from the brand, you're in luck! Skin Inc is stocked in Sephora Malaysia. Plus, from now till August 7th, if you spend above RM280 on Skin Inc products, you will receive a complimentary Coenzyme Q10 Serum (20mL) worth RM 356! And from 8th August onwards, spending RM280 and above will entitle you to a free Essentials Cleanser or Essentials UV Shield + a Ceramide serum (5mL) worth RM397! These deals are insane, so get in quick! :)

If you want to find out more about Skin Inc, visit them on their website, or on their Facebook page.

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