Video: What's in My Makeup Bag?

Monday, April 07, 2014

I'm trying to do more non-tutorial videos on my channel, and I thought this one would be something that you guys would like to watch!

I hope you enjoy the video :)

Products mentioned:

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation - a great compact foundation that doesn't look too cakey on the skin. Read full review here.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder - another great compact foundation. Both these compact foundations are actually quite similar, and I highly recommend both.

Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara and Kiss Me Volume & Curl Mascara - my favourite mascara combination at the moment, and I'm discovering that a lot of Malaysian girls also use this mascara. They both hold a curl really well, and they do wonders for the lashes. Read my full review here.

Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream - I bought this eye cream on Lisa Eldridge's recommendation in one of her makeup videos, however I'm not liking it very much, because this one really creases and falls into the fine lines of the eyes. It also isn't quite bright enough to do any real work concealing dark circles. I'm quite disappointed because her recommendations are usually spot on, but oh well!

Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes - a fantastic makeup remover that removes every trace of makeup, and quite easily. It does leave behind a tiny trace of oiliness on the skin, so I follow it with...

Bioderma Crealine H20 - this is a micellar cleansing water, and it is one of the most effective cleansing solutions for removing makeup, false eyelashes, etc. 

Simplicité Great Outdoors Sunscreen - a lightweight, moisturising sunscreen that Simplicité says will not clog the skin. It feels really light on the skin, and so far I haven't broken out from it yet, which is good for my skin.

Kyrolan High Gloss in Toffee - even after buying and trialling so many other nude lipsticks, I still come back to this one time and time again. It is warm enough to be extremely flattering on the skin, plumps the lips, and looks amazing. I love the way it looks and feels!

Chanel Ombres Contrastes Duo in Sable-Emouvant - this is a basic combination of a brown and champagne eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever HD Compact Blush in 215 - this is MUFE's replacement for their HD pump blushes, and they did a fabulous job! These are much easier to blend (with fingers) and spread easily onto my cheeks without resistance or dragging, so my base makeup stays in place. I wouldn't recommend applying this product with a blush because it is so much easier and more user-friendly to apply with fingers.

The Lip Slip: One Luxe Gloss by Sara Happ - this is the gloss counterpart to Sara Happ's famous One Luxe Balm. It does hydrate the lips really well and helps to soften any cracks or flakes that you have on your lips. I purchased mine via

rmk Super Basic Concealer Pact - this concealer isn't particularly pigmented (my favourite pigmented concealer is the one from Cathy Cat Korea - read my review and see it in action here - which has unfortunately been discontinued), but what it lacks in pigment, it makes up for in pure staying power. This concealer has a really thick consistency that helps it really stick to your skin and conceal imperfections once applied. The downside? If you don't blend properly, it can look quite patchy, especially once you try to set it with powder.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler - an eyelash curler that curls the lashes beautifully. If you have more of a flat eye, then this is the eyelash curler for you.

Melvita Rose Flower Water - if you're a fan of a more hydrated, plumped skin, then you should try finishing your makeup with a spritz instead of powder, or on top of powder. I like to use moisturising sprays for this, because I feel like they have a little bit more of a kick to them and hold the makeup in place better. This beautiful rose water from Melvita is kind to your skin and won't stress it out, so it's great to use for people with sensitive skin. It comes in a few other scents, and I really want to try the lavender scented one (I adore all things lavender!).

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner - my current favourite gel eyeliner for its smooth, easy-to-apply texture and its great super black pigment. See it in action here.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder - one of the best HD powders out there. Read my review on it (and a few other HD powders) here.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in Seas of Illumination - this fantastic multi-tasker has become a favourite of mine. It has very finely milled microparticles of shimmer suspended in the thinnest liquid, so it is really easy to blend onto the skin, or into your moisturiser or foundation. The texture also makes it great for thinning out thicker cream foundations, whilst adding a lovely glow to the skin.

Daiso Eyelashes - these are so affordable and great for Asian eyes. They are cut just at the right length and width, and fit my eyes perfectly without my having to cut them. I also love that they're so affordable but still last a good 3-4 uses.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - one of my favourite neutral palettes at the moment. The variety of colour and the fact that the colours are quite neutral (meaning they don't lean too cool or warm and suit a great range of skin tones) gives this palette a great versatility. One little gripe I have is that the eyeshadows aren't as smooth as I expected them to be, and the shimmer eyeshadows are quite poorly pigmented.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - despite not using this a whole lot, I still think it's a great palette to own. The eyeshadows are buttery, smooth and pigmented, the colour range is great, and I love the textures of both the matte and shimmer colours. I'm not sold on the Naked 3 palette (too pink), but the first two are great.

Covo Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette in Vibrant - I love that there's a Malaysian brand that I can recommend to overseas beauty buyers now. This eyeshadow palette is a mix of fantastic colours that make it incredibly versatile and a basic palette for creating so many different looks (what's great though, is that this palette comes in a nude eyeshadow version too :)) depending on what look you're going for. I love carrying this around with me because it gives me so many options to choose from, and the chance to try out brighter, more daring looks. The eyeshadow textures are lovely, and the shadows are pigmented. So far, this is shaping up to be a great palette!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and if you have any questions or comments about the products just leave them in the comments below! x

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