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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Now this post has been a long time coming, and I apologise for that! I've been so busy I've hardly had any time at all to myself, let alone for the blog.

I was invited to experience Clé de Peau's latest releases recently, one of them being their Illuminating Concentrate mask, and the other their Enriched Lip Luminizers. I'll come to the Lip Luminizers in a little bit, but first, let me tell you my experience with their Illuminating Concentrate.

Clé de Peau's Illuminating Concentrate Mask (pictured in centre)

I got to experience this mask for the very first time at the Clé de Peau counter in Pavilion, KLCC. They have a little facial room in the back, and I was given a facial there (psst, if you purchase Clé de Peau products worth RM600, you're entitled to a free facial service at a time of your choosing!) using the brand new mask.

The facial was absolutely heavenly (right ambience, right temperature, lovely smells), and the effects of the mask were instant. My skin was so much more plump as soon as the mask was removed. It was a little sticky though, so I would recommend that you do this mask over the weekend when you have a little time to relax with no makeup, and allow this mask to fully absorb into your skin. I also noticed a minor 'lifting' of my eye bags and a definite boost in radiance that I noticed lasted for a good 3-4 days after the application.

And in case you were wondering about the two golden capsules next to the mask, here's how the mask actually works. Before you apply the actual sheet mask, you apply two liquids (hence the two gold capsules) to prep the skin.

Capsule 1: A lotion designed to rid the skin of dead skin cells.
Capsule 2: An essence that "infuses the skin with a surge of radiance" - basically by delivering intense hydration.
Mask: Optimises the radiance in your skin, again by utilising technology that ensures the delivery of intense moisture into the skin.

Why I like this mask? It gives your skin an immediate boost in radiance, and would be great to use the night before (or the afternoon of, if you have the time) a big event, where you want your skin to look flawless and luminous. It really gets a glow going in your skin, and makes you look refreshed and young.

I recommend it for: anyone who loves glowing skin, and for people who are looking for something to wake their skin up right before a big event.

Now, I also want to take the opportunity to show you the product I am by far the most excited about in Clé de Peau's Spring releases. The Enriched Lip Luminizer is a beautiful, stellar product.

I was lucky enough to be able to trial 2 Limited Edition colours - 225 Toffee Apple and 226 Fabulous Fig. Both colours are similar, but the 226 is slightly darker and has more of a purple undertone. I wanted to show you guys my absolute favourite - the 225.

The 225 has a little bit of a pink/lavender undertone, but manages to suit my slightly warm skin tone beautifully. It is pigmented enough so that darker lips won't have an issue wearing it, and my goodness, the formula! It glides over the lips and leaves a light, yet creamy layer of lipsticky goodness on. Its finish is almost glossy, but not quite, and it hides even the worst of flaky lips. The extra volume that you get on your lips isn't so bad either ;) This has become my absolute favourite lipstick for everyday - it is that amazing!

These items are all out on counter now, and you might wanna get in quick - the lipsticks are Limited Edition, and you are definitely going to want to experience them before they are sold out!

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