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Monday, February 10, 2014

I've been in a bit of a shopping rut, and while that's not a bad thing for my wallet, I was feeling quite uninspired in terms of my blog and YouTube channel. Then came Chinese New Year, ang pau, and loads of visiting and nights out. I started wearing more makeup, and became more interested in latest releases, and products that had been released for a while, but that I felt I did not need.

Now the name of this post is a little bit misleading, because it implies that I already have all these products in my beauty cupboard. Some of these are actually products that I have placed orders on, and are on their way to me! But I thought I'd write this post anyway, in case anyone was in need of a bit of retail therapy and needed some inspiration :)

Tarte Marajuca Creaseless Concealer
This concealer is a funny one, because it attracts such a wide spectrum of opinion when it comes to its main marketed characteristic - being 'creaseless'. Some say that this product is their 'holy-grail' concealer that will not budge under the eyes, but then some others say that this concealer creases like crazy and settles into fine lines, no matter what they do; and the opinion is divided equally on either side. I personally have tried this on top of a hydrating, but not overly rich, eye cream, and experienced a tiny bit of creasing under my eyes, though much less than the creasing I experienced with a lot of other under eye concealers. Not a holy grail product, but not bad, either. It really does brighten the undereye area, so if you're looking for a good product to give you that Kim Kardashian contoured effect, this is a great concealer-slash-highlighter to try.

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Nude Beach
Both my sister and I were immediately attracted to this colour when we were swatching the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks. I had heard so many raves about this product that I had to try it for myself, and I was looking for a pretty mauve-y beige/nude with just the right amount of pink (I am a very picky person when it comes to nude lipsticks, since I have so many) - and this was just perfect! It is just the right amount of nude to lighten my lips without making me look too washed out, and it has just the tiniest bit of sheerness to it, so that a small amount of my lip colour shows through, and that really helps it complement and flatter my skin tone. It has a lovely creamy texture, and reminds me a lot of my favourite L'Oreal Fairest Nude Color Riche lipstick.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
Whenever a nude palette gets released, I heave a sigh of annoyance and wonder why so many people get caught up in the craze. Unless a brand comes up with unique neutrals that flatter skin tones perfectly, I don't get why everyone has to buy into the craze and throw their money at the SAs. My own Naked palette looks almost new, rotting away in my makeup drawers. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should own at least one neutral palette, but stick to just one great palette that has a good mix of mattes and shimmers, with colours that (most importantly) flatter your skin tone. Once you find a selection of neutrals with undertones that flatter your skin tone, you will take your makeup to a whole new level, trust me. Against my own principles, I fell in love with the Smashbox Full Exposure palette partly because of the satisfying number of matte eyeshadows, and majorly because I had just swatched one of Smashbox's latest palettes (the Wonder Vision eye palettes), and the textures of their eyeshadows made me dance a little jig inside. Their latest formulation of eyeshadows are the bomb diggity. So insanely smooth and velvety, and as fluffy as clouds! PLEASE GO AND BUY SMASHBOX EYESHADOWS. THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

BeautyBlender Sponge
This is another product that I haven't yet gotten my grubby little makeup stained hands on, but one that I am sure will impress. I am starting to really love using two different foundations on my face - a lighter one for the centre of my face, and one a few shades darker to contour the outside of my face - and I haven't found the best way to apply it yet. Using a brush can make you mix the product up a little bit too much, and using your fingers is a little bit messy when you're trying to blend two foundation colours together only at the edges where they meet, so I have decided that the best solution would be to use the famed beauty blender. I've seen so many makeup artists who contour beautifully use this, so I am more than happy with my decision to purchase it. I also want to see how it performs with smoothing concealer onto my undereye area - I have to deal with some pretty deep set lines under my eyes, and so far everything is settling into those lines. I am hoping that the combination of the Tarte concealer above and the BeautyBlender will solve my creasing woes!

And that is all I have so far! Have you tried any of these products, and do you recommend them? I'd love to hear your product recommendations too!

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