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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My followers on Instagram and Facebook haven't seen me on the social media channels much lately, because I've started a brand new daily routine. J has just opened up his very own sports centre called Titan Sports Centre, and is hosting one of the biggest public futsal leagues to hit Selangor yet, so I've been shuttling back and forth between work, filming, and buying stuff to make the place functional....

....and then I fell ill. And I'm not talking the sniffles here. I'm talking too-weak-to-walk-or-eat kind of ill. It was total hell, but a couple of things got me through it. They're a little naughty, but what better time to treat yourself than the Malaysian flu-season, and the upcoming holiday season, right? ;)

Foodpanda.my is the ultimate convenience - delivering food from all kinds of different food establishments straight to your doorstep. This was a heaven-send when I was ill, because I didn't have the energy to lift my head, let alone drive a car to pick up food. I simply downloaded the app (they have one for both Android and Apple), and ordered away. Another thing I friggin' love about this place? They accept Paypal! A lot of Malaysian establishments haven't gotten around to accepting PayPal, but it's all I use when I shop online, so to have a place in Malaysia that accepts PayPal is exceedingly convenient for me! No shuffling around my handbag for my wallet, all I need to do is click a few buttons and my order is ready to go.

I've always, always been a huge fan of eBay, so when I was lying in bed with
nothing to do, I pulled out my trusty tablet and started shopping. It wasn't just pretty things, mind you!
Okay, so this is pretty, but it's also functional! I bought a sonic humidifier (I think that's what it was) that doesn't use heat to create steam. It also has a little slot for me to drop essential oils into, and it changes colour as it creates steam! I loved it because my throat was so dry throughout the time I was sick, so I managed to keep the sore throat at bay by turning this on every night, with a couple of drops of my favourite lavender essential oil. My room smells absolutely amazing now!
And, eherm, let's not talk about the rest of the stuff I bought, kay? ;)

YouTube is a fabulous place! It has how-to videos, funny videos, makeup tutorials, hauls and reviews...seriously, everything is on there! No wonder it has such a huge membership base. I spent hours on YouTube searching for simple sore throat remedies, looking for videos on cute puppies, and watching Christmas gift ideas and makeup tutorials!
Oh, and shameless plug here (tee hee), my YouTube channel has makeup tutorials on a variety of different looks, and if you would like to request a video, just leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, or on my channel! www.youtube.com/emilyquak

So these were my little 'treats' when I wasn't feeling well, things I wanted to do just to make myself feel better, and to while the time away whilst I was in bed with not much else to do. Do you have little 'comfort' things that you turn to whenever you're feeling down or under the weather? Do you turn to online shopping like I do? ;)

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