The Home Alone Edit: My Me-Time Ritual

Monday, November 04, 2013

You know sometimes, when everyone else in the household has made plans except you, and you end up alone with nothing else to do? I actually kind of like having that happen sometimes, because then I finally get a little 'me-time'.

I know everyone has their own little me-time ritual, so I just wanted to share mine (and perhaps tempt some of you readers to share with me either on your blog or in the comments below, what you like to do).

1. Snickers Ice Cream
Never have I been more obsessed with ice cream. This yummylicious bar of chocolate-y, ice cream-y goodness is all I seem to be eating nowadays, much to the horror of my ever-growing tummy, but I just can't help myself! These are SO good! I'm one of those people who just cannot sit and watch something without a snack in my hand, so I like settling down in front of the TV and scarfing one of these babies down whilst watching my favourite TV show.

2. Airwick Limited Edition Black Candle
What's better than soft mood lighting when you just want to chill out? Soft mood lighting that comes with fragrance. Airwick, The new Airwick limited edition Black Scented Candles are just that, and I am thoroughly enjoying my Purple Blackberry Fig candle. It is sweet without being too sweet and cloying (I hate too-sweet scents), and has a little zesty punch to its scent, which I love. Even better? The glass changes colour when the candle is lit, so it looks absolutely amazing sitting on my perfume cabinet, where the colourful light dances around the glass bottles. Perfect.

3. Simplicité Exfoliating Face Treatment
I hate having to get up when I'm in full-on couch potato mode, so this mask is perfect because it works better the longer you leave it on your skin. This mask (my absolute favourite) works by drawing the impurities in your skin to the surface, as well as encouraging healing, and lifting dead skin cells for some much-needed (in my case, anyway) exfoliation.

4. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm
I always find that when I apply a mask that hardens on my skin, my lips tend to get really dry. I then keep licking my lips, which makes them even drier. I combat this issue by applying a nice thick layer of lip balm on my lips, so I create a kind of hydrating lip mask whilst my face mask is on. The Nuxe lip balm also feels a little bit exfoliating because it has very tiny, fine granules in it, so I like to think it's giving me a little bit of a lip scrub when I wipe it off, too.

5. Revenge TV Show
I'm sure you've all heard of Revenge, which is in its fourth season already. This is one of my favourite TV shows, as I am sure it is for many others. I love the overall plot and the setting (oh, to be rich and famous!), so it's always fun to watch. I also particularly like analysing Victoria's face to see when she's had her last 'lift' - her skin seems to sag so much sometimes and then suddenly, the next season it's like WHOA, where did 5 years' worth of lines and gravity go?! Love it!

So enough about me - what do you do when you get a little 'me-time'? I would love to find out! Leave a comment below, or write a blog post of your own and tweet me the link @EmilyQuak!

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