Whitening Skincare Review

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I love my whitening products. But it's probably not what you think. I love fair skin and all, but the real reason why I like whitening products is because I want to prevent pigmentation. My family has a long history of hyper-pigmentation, and I am doing everything I can to curb the damage that's already taken place, as well as prevent and further damage from happening. This all sounds like a great plan and all, but it just so happens that executing that plan wasn't all that easy for me. 

My first whitening product experience was a lovely, and very effective, Ultimate Activated Whitening Cream from Kiehl's, that made my skin positively glow. I was ecstatic, up until I discovered that the cream was breaking me out, and very badly. Disappointed, I cast it aside and didn't reapproach the subject of whitening creams, until I was gifted a.... 

...Clinique Spot Correcting Serum. This serum is slightly more viscous than other serums, but highly absorbent. It is targeted at correcting dark spots that form as a result of sun damage, and is meant to be applied all over the skin. I have a patch of freckles on the top of my left cheekbone that are particularly stubborn, and a source of great worry for me, so I kept a keen eye on them over the trial period. My skin was definitely brighter overall, but the spots didn't disappear. So when I finished using the bottle of serum, I moved on. 

I had all but given up trying to find a good whitening product, but a rave review on Beauty Swatch made me rethink my stance, and so I started using the Estée Lauder Cyber White HD serum and toner. This range was absolutely gorgeous, and really made my skin glow, exactly the way the Kiehl's moisturiser did. Unfortunately, the breakouts started once again (I think my skin is sensitive to an ingredient in whitening products), and I had to stop using them. I do maintain that this range does work wonders on the skin though, so if you're looking for a good whitening range, you should really check Estée Lauder's Cyber White HD range out. If you have skin that is sensitive to breakouts, request a sample of the serum at a counter and try it out for a few nights first, but stop immediately if you see signs of oncoming breakouts. This range is available at all Estée Lauder counters.

The Medik8 White Balance Click serum is the latest whitening product to be added to my list of trialled products, and is one that contains the highest concentration of active ingredients. The serum is highly liquid and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving behind a slightly plump, moist feel to the skin. I found that this worked very well to lighten acne scars, though they didn't disappear completely. I love active ingredients in skincare, but I think that they should be approached with caution. Using too much could stress the skin out, or irritate it and cause redness, rawness, and bumps on the skin. No matter how minor the concentration of active ingredients in skincare, always be sure to research your options very carefully before establishing a routine that incorporates active skincare. This product was gentle enough on my skin, and didn't cause any problems for me, but you should be extra careful if you are using other products that contain active ingredients. Medik8 is available at SkinBiotech.com.

The Himalaya Clear Complexion Whitening range is slightly different in comparison to the other products in this post, because it uses purely natural ingredients to lighten the skin. It contains licorice and white dammer to encourage the lightening of the skin. I found this the most gentle on my skin, but the results that this line delivered were more than satisfactory. I did notice that my skin was brighter than usual, though the freckles and acne scars didn't change much. I liked this range so much because it felt lovely on my skin and didn't break me out at all. My favourite products in the range would have to be their cleanser and toner. The cleanser was very gentle on the skin and didn't at all give me that dry, 'stripped' feeling. The toner is refreshing and smells lovely - a natural, light, fruity smell - none of that fake, perfumed stuff. Another big plus of this range is that it is affordable, and paraben, soap, and BPA-free. You can buy Himalaya here in almost all drugstores and Himalaya stores, and for more stockist information, visit their website.

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