Product Review & Giveaway: Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum and Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

About a week ago, I received the amazing Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum and the Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment Mask (loooong names, I know!) to trial for an exciting collaboration with Dior. Before I get down to details of this collaboration, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on these two products.

Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum

This Dior One Essential serum, one of Dior's most popular serums, is purchased once every minute worldwide. It is a do-all serum that basically detoxifies the surface of your skin, to help our skin cells function normally. Toxins can accumulate from many different factors - mainly diet, environment and lifestyle, to sum it up. What One Essential helps your skin do is get rid of these toxins, and help your skin absorb skincare more readily, therefore helping to increase the efficacy of all the skincare you are using. This makes it a great addition to your everyday skincare routine, and helps to boost what you are currently using.

I thought that this was fabulous, because I already have a skincare range that I am absolutely obsessed with and swear by, and I was more than happy to add a couple of steps in if it would help to boost the efficacy of my skincare.

Dior packaging has always been absolutely stellar, and I love that I have skincare that I can proudly display on my makeup table. As always, the pump mechanism on the serum bottle is flawless, and dispenses just enough product for my face and neck.

One thing that concerned me about this serum is how thick it is. It looks liquid coming out of the bottle, but forms a noticeable layer on the skin. My (limited) knowledge of skincare tells me that skincare is meant to be applied from the lightest in texture to the heaviest, so I was a little bit confused as to how this would work, and worried that instead of increasing the efficacy of my skincare, it would actually decrease it. I dutifully applied it anyway, morning and night, and have the results to share with you below.
This serum is also perfumed, by the way, and I personally really like the smell. It kind of smells like the baby shampoo I used to use when I was a kid.

After my week-long trial, I found that my skin was noticeably softer. One of my favourite results with this product was how my foundation would look amazing if I used this underneath - I think its texture makes this product a fabulous makeup base!

Dior One Essential Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

This mask comes in a tub with a screw on cap. It also comes sealed, and is accompanied by a little flat box - inside it is a plastic disc, which upon inspection turns out to be a tool with which you are meant to scrape the product off your face after letting the mask sit for about 15 minutes.

The gel like product is almost completely clear, which makes it a great mask for wearing on the plane - you'd just look a wee bit shiny. It is really easy to smooth on and is perfumed as well. It smells even better than the serum, in my opinion! Dior recommends that you use the disc-like tool to remove the mask - basically by scraping the excess off your skin and leaving the rest of it on your skin for the rest of the day.

This mask is a favourite with me now - I love how radiant it makes my skin look after I use it. My skin feels plump and moisturised immediately after use, and it also feels a lot smoother. I really enjoyed using it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a 'booster' mask to use weekly.

Dior have teamed up with Emily's Anthology to give away deluxe sample packs of the Dior One Essential Serum and Mask.

1) You must follow @emilyquak on Instagram or Facebook.
2) The first 10 Malaysian readers to email me will receive one deluxe pack each to trial for a week. Email me at emilyquak [at] gmail [dot] com with your full name, address and phone number, along with your username on Instagram or your account name on Facebook. If you are one of the first 10, I will email you to let you know you've been chosen!
2) Once you have trialled the products, you are to update your Instagram or Facebook or blog with a mini review of the products.
3) Remember to tag my Facebook page or my Instagram (@EmilyQuak - if you are a private user, you must un-privatise your account so I can see your post) with these updates - if I don't see them I won't be able to pick a winner!
4) I will pick one post out of these 10 to win a Dior goodie bag worth RM1,500! The goodie bag will include full-sized One Essential skincare as well as a ton of fragrances and makeup from Dior.

Awesome giveaway, no? So get to emailing, and I hope you're one of the lucky 10!

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