Product Review: Eyemazing Amoyamo Series Eyelash No. 820

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I love false eyelashes. They open up your eyes so much, and they are so fluttery and pretty. I wish I had the time and drive to wear them everyday, to be honest. For now I stick to wearing them for my makeup tutorials and on nights out when I want to really doll myself up.

The thing about false eyelashes is that it's difficult to get a style that suits Asian eye shapes and sizes. Most of the time, the lashes are too large and too long to look normal on my face. I don't mind them not looking natural, but a vast majority of these lashes look really comical when I wear them, and I end up throwing them away. Even eyelashes manufactured in China cater more to Caucasian eyes than Asian eyes.

Enter Japanese eyelashes. The Japanese know exactly what they want, and don't feel they need to cater to Western markets, so we get eyelashes particularly suited to our eye shapes and sizes - perfect.

I was sent a pack of lashes to review, and my instructions were to create a 'gyaru' type look with them. I salute gyaru's, because honestly, this wasn't easy and I don't think I managed to pull it off!

Amoyamo is a Japanese pop duo, made up of models Amo and Ayamo. Pictured above are the No.820 Rockabilly lashes in Vintage Brown and Cherry Red (yes, they're coloured!), produced by Ayamo. Each pack comes with 5 pairs of lashes.

These lashes are voluminous and fluttery, with reddish brown fibres. They look lovely on the eyes, and made my lashes look fluttery and thick.

They were the perfect length for me - no cutting needed for both the lashes and the band! The band is fantastic quality - soft and easy to move around and bend.

The look that I ended up creating with these lashes? Super easy:

Gyaru makeup: no eyeliner needed, lots of eyeshadow on the lower lashline (dark in the outer corners and bright in the inner corners), and eyeshadow only on the mobile lid.

I had a limited wardrobe to play around with, as I have been away from home, but this is what I came up with. I noticed that one of the girls is much more preppy than the other, and I actually like her looks! She became my inspiration for these two looks below.

The lashes actually go pretty perfectly with the doll-eyed look, but what else would you expect from a Japanese lash created by Amoyamo! No need for eyelash curlers with this one - they come beautifully curled in the box, and if you're really going for a gyaru/puppy-eyed look then you want your top lashes to point slightly downward anyway :)

The Amoyamo Eyemazing Series Eyelashes are available for purchase at selected Watsons stores for RM69.90 per pack of 5. I noticed a stand at the Watsons in Sunway Pyramid, in case anyone lives in the area!

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