Product Launch: WeChat and Chatime Partnership Promo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you don't already know, Chatime is one of the largest 'lifestyle tea' providers in Malaysia. Its yummy, well-made pearls and flavoured teas area largely popular amongst Malaysians (myself included). So when I first found out about the Chatime x WeChat promo, I was eager to get in on it immediately!

Chatime Malaysia has partnered with WeChat to host a slew of roadshows promoting both brands, and their promos just happen to include a fab 'Buy one, get a 2nd for RM1' promo voucher, redeemable through the Chatime account on WeChat Malaysia. All you need to do is follow Chatime Malaysia on WeChat, or scan the QR code provided down below in this blogpost to redeem this promo.

The roadshows kicked off with a large launch at Chatime HQ in Kota Damansara, with Chatime Malaysia's managing director Bryan Loo, as well as local celebrities and Chatime spokespersons Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam in attendance. The event launched the series of roadshows, happening on October 18-20, as well as October 25-27.

These roadshows are a chance for you to win Chatime prizes via lucky draws, promo giveaways, as well as games, at selected Chatime outlets, so be sure to check the roadshow schedule below to check when there will be a roadshow happening near you. I am definitely going to redeem my RM1 drink at my local Chatime outlet! I absolutely LOVE the drink, and have just discovered their Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea (I used to be a Pearl Milk Tea girl).

Are you a fan of Chatime? I know they are ridiculously expensive in Australia, but they are so affordable here in Malaysia, J, my sis, and I usually cannot help ourselves whenever we are nearby. If you are attending a roadshow, I might just see you there!:)

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