Makeup Tutorial: Colourful Halloween Bird of Paradise/Tropical Bird Inspired Eyes

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello everyone! Halloween is just around the corner, and though I haven't been on YouTube for long enough to establish any kind of tradition, I wasn't planning on doing a Halloween tutorial. However when I was filming this, things just kind of took off into the random unknown, so I went with it and at the very end of the tutorial decided that it would be a Bird of Paradise-type inspired look. Don't ask me why.

Here is the video:

And here are the products mentioned in the video, plus little review blurbs, as usual.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - this is my go-to eye makeup base whenever I want to create an eye makeup that is bright and colourful. Some matte colours can look really washed out and dulled down on a lot of skin tones, so to have something to neutralise the colour of your skin and also strengthen the colour of your eyeshadows is perfect when you want to create a colourful eye.

bh cosmetics 120 Color Palette - this is a fabulous palette with a mix of mattes and shimmers, with decent pigmentation (not fantastic, I must admit) and decent blendability. Not the most fabulous palette out there, but it does do a good job for the price. I wouldn't pay premium prices for a palette with colours that I rarely use except for the rare tutorial, so this is definitely more than enough for my needs.

Sleek MakeUp Kajal Eyeliner in Odyssey - this is a purple kajal eyeliner. It is more waxy than I expected, so I'm not a big fan. However if you're looking for something that is more long-lasting than a regular kajal eyeliner, and by that I mean something that doesn't melt and smudge all over your eyes and undereyes by midday, this is great. It doesn't move around as much as your regular, extremely smudgy kajal, so it will last a lot longer, as well. Sleek MakeUp is available to purchase on

Amoyamo Eyemazing Series Lashes - a beautiful pair of Asian eye-friendly eyelashes with a little bit of colour to them. They are gorgeous and fluttery, which is why I chose to use them for this tutorial. Read my full review of this pair here.

Shiseido Natural Cream Concealer - I used this in my last video and already posted a little blurb review so check it out here.

Tom Ford Cheek Color in Narcissist - Tom Ford is by far my favourite luxury makeup brand. Their cheek colour in Narcissist is just this absolutely fabulous, bright fuchsia colour that really pops on any skin tone. I wanted to use this colour here because it really complements the blue and fuchsia colours in my eye makeup.

TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer - many, many, many highlighters have come and gone, but my favourite to wear on nights out and big occasions is this beautiful powder highlighter. It wears like a powder (light and not sticky) but looks like a liquid highlighter, and is still one of my absolute favourite highlighters.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Blush Nude - this colour looks so boring in the tube, you would never think to pick it up. But I am so glad I decided to buy this on a whim, because it is the most flattering nude lipstick I have ever put on. Ever. The beige-nude colour in this lipstick really brings out my blush and makes me look healthy even though the colour nudes out the lips quite a bit. It never ever looks chalky and is so comfortable to wear. LOVE.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, whether or not you found it useful. I will be back to making regular tutorials next, I promise!

p.s. I did do a tutorial for Maybelline and Luxola for their YouTube channel in conjunction with Halloween. It is a Catwoman tutorial, and it would mean so much to me if you clicked to watch it below! x

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