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Friday, October 18, 2013

I discovered recently that I have a big thing for candles. And I mean big.

So when I received an invitation from Ken's Apothecary to the preview of the Christmas 2013 collection of legendary luxury candlemaker diptyque, I was over the moon. So off I went on the day of the preview, somehow managing to find the entrance to the back door of the lovely little restaurant they were set up in, and immediately ooh-ed and ah-ed at the Christmassy decor.

Set up at our tables were these candle displays holding three candles with bright, distinct colours. People who know the brand will know that diptyque candles are generally a minimalist white, with their Christmas candles being the exception to the rule.

There are three gorgeous candles that make up the collection this year. The green Ecorce de pin, a blend of pine, Japanese cypress and cedar, galbanum and patchouli; the purple Encens des Indes containing myrrh and incense, and the Orange Chaya fragrance, which is the one I received for review.

In collaboration with French design house Tsé Tsé, this year's fragrances are packaged in deep, vibrant coloured glass jars glazed with a golden luster, with equally colourful labels. Once your candle burns down a little, you'll find that the flames actually shine through the little holes cut into the labels, throwing light around the room.

The Orange Chaya fragrance is a deep, intense scent that just completely envelops you the minute you walk into the room. Underneath its tangy citrus overnotes, are musky, spicy undertones that really make you feel as if you were walking through a Moroccan marketplace (cardamom, ginger, cinammon and Chai).

I hadn't had the pleasure of trying a diptyque candle before this event, so I can't say what all diptyque candles are like, but if this is anything to go by, they are insanely well-fragranced, and formulated in such a way that the fragrance really does diffuse beautifully throughout a room, and linger for quite some time after the candle has been put out and all the guests have gone.

If you haven't experienced a diptyque candle before, but are a fan of pretty scents and love a unique home fragrance, I highly recommend that you visit a Ken's Apothecary to take a look at their diptyque range.

The diptyque Christmas range will be available starting November 2013, and will retail for RM 275 for a 190g candle, and RM 135 for a 70g candle.

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