Billini 2013 New Releases

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ah, shoes. Where do I even begin to count the ways I love shoes? I am on such a tight budget nowadays with all these different projects I am taking on, I can only swoon at them from afar.

So swoon I will, and I figure, why not share my obsession with like-minded people such as yourselves? ;)

So I top picks from the latest Billini collection.

1. Galaxy in Citrus AUD 79.95
I am gaga over ankle straps - I think they add such a beautiful accent and definition to the legs and ankles, and I love medium-high heels with small toe-straps because then the focus is on the legs and not the shoes themselves. Citrus is my pick because it really highlights the skin, whether it be fair or tanned skin.

2. Glory in White AUD 79.95
For those who want to draw more attention to their shoes, and want a little bit of added height, then the Glory is perfect. It comes in 3 other colours - black, beige, and citrus.

3. Georgie in Emerald AUD 69.95
These shoes are much louder and much more in your face, but there is something really sexy about a high wedge heel, and the plus side of wearing wedge heels is that they offer more support, and are therefore less painful to wear :)

4. Luxe in Blood Orange AUD 59.95
I am all for simpler sandals, and I think the Luxe is my favourite pair of sandals from the collection. It is easy to wear, and isn't too complicated which makes it perfect and very in-trend.

5. Morgan in Black AUD 59.95
I just had to include another pair of flats in my list! I choose comfort any day over fashion, so flats are my go-to choice for footwear any day.

Overall, this collection is quite satisfactory. As the Australian Spring and Summer roll in, these shoes are perfect for the transitioning weather. I also like that the Galaxy and Glory are such great representations of the current style trend in shoes, though I think that there should have been styles added to their collection of flats and sandals that could have better reflected the latest shoe trends. Ankle straps are all the rage worldwide at the moment and I wanted to see more of that in their flats.
Price-wise, I think Billini have offered a collection that would suit most - I certainly found these prices reasonable enough.

What about you guys? Are you liking these styles, and will you be wearing any of these come the warmer weather? :)

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