Product Launch: Shiseido Ibuki Skincare

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Ibuki", in Japanese (and roughly translated), means strength from within. In skincare, this means skin that can withstand external influences, like pollutants, free radicals, sunlight, lack of sleep and proper nutrition, and dry air. The Shiseido Ibuki line is meant to give your skin strength enough to fight these external influences, particularly in the (admittedly self-induced) hectic lives of young adults.

What does this line do, exactly? Basically, it infuses the skin with moisture. This helps build the skin's resistance levels, and inhibits the production of excess sebum, which in turn helps to prevent the formation of breakouts. Other ingredients in this range also help to clear out dead skin cells and promote the production of healthy cells in your skin.

The range is spearheaded by Shiseido's iconic Softening Concentrate - what Shiseido says helps to 'soften' the skin and allow all following products to penetrate deep down into the skin.

Its texture is very liquid, and goes onto the skin feeling quite slick, but then as it starts to dry, it feels a little bit sticky. Finally, it seeps into the skin completely and I am left with a velvety smooth skin. I do feel like this plumps up the skin almost instantly - my skin always feels much bouncier after I apply this. Shiseido SAs recommend that you apply this with two layers of cotton - because the product tends to overflow with just one piece of cotton, and you end up getting most of it running down your fingers and wrists instead of on your face.

I received the Gentle Cleanser in my little trial pack, which is the cream-based version of the cleansers in this range. There is a gel-based cleanser called the Purifying Cleanser, for those with more oily skins. One thing you need to know about Shiseido's cleansers? They lather like it's the end of the world!!

All you need to do is mix in a tiny bit of water, and lather. The foam build-up is insane! With extra-foaming cleansers, I always look out for any tightness in my skin after, but this one had my skin feeling very moisturised post-cleanse, so I am very happy with its performance.

And finally the two moisturisers in the range. There is one for day (the Protective Moisturiser SPF15), one for night (the Refining Moisturiser), and one for particularly dry skin (the Refining Moisturiser Enriched). The two pictured above are the Protective Moisturiser (left) and the Refining Moisturiser.
The protective moisturiser has more of a thick, milky texture, but goes on as if it was milk. It feels so light and refreshingly cool on the skin. The refining moisturiser has more of a milk/gel hybrid feel, and is a little bit thicker and takes longer to sink into the skin. Both are particularly light for moisturisers though, so if you have really dry skin, I would recommend you try the Refining Moisturiser Enriched.

The entire range is quite heavily fragranced, so if you have a sensitive nose, that may be something to watch out for. My overall impression of this range is that it did a fantastic job moisturising my skin, and it would do wonders as a basic skincare range. I would continue using the cleanser and skin softener, but perhaps move on to a moisturiser and serums that address my anti-aging and congested skin concerns. The SA did mention that this range is more of a preliminary solution - something you use to strengthen your skin overall at first, before moving on to a skincare range more suited to your concerns.

You can trial this range in one of Shiseido's gorgeous trial packs, retailing at the RM70+ range, at Shiseido counters:

In it, you will receive the products I photographed above (which includes a full-sized Softening Concentrate!) plus a little travel bag to carry them all in. Best to trial the range for yourself and decide whether you want to use these products full-time.

The Shiseido Ibuki range is now out on counters as of September 1st, so head in to check it out.

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