Product Launch: Mary Quant Cosmetics at Muse by Watsons

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Last Saturday, I was invited to a quaint little makeup workshop, held at Muse by Watsons, by the latest brand to grace their shelves - Mary Quant cosmetics.

The brand is inspired by fashionista Mary Quant from London, and features loads of colours and textures, aimed at 'bringing fashion to faces'.

We were treated to a makeup demonstration by Mary Quant's senior makeup artist, and then given the opportunity to play around with the products. In particular, Mary Quant's Action Lashings mascara and Eye Gloss stood out to me - more on that later if I get the opportunity to trial these products. In the meantime, I have a couple of products that I did receive to trial, and here are my thoughts on the brand.

Mary Quant Malaysia have 20 shades of Moisture Rich Lipsticks, ranging from the light to the very bright. I was lucky enough to receive a shade of lipstick that I definitely enjoy wearing - this is the P-05 lipstick, and it is a soft, rosy pink shade. It has a slight mauve-y undertone to it which makes it the perfect soft pink for warm skin tones, and is sheer enough so that a tiny bit of your natural lip colour shows through. These lipsticks are very moisturising and easy to wear, but make sure that you don't have little flakes on your lips (check out my lip tutorial here to find out how to rid your lips of flakes before applying lipstick) or this lipstick will catch on those flakes and create unsightly lines on your lips.

I also received a beautiful peach blush, shot through with extremely fine gold shimmer - the Blush Baby in #11. Think of a toned down, very natural version of NARS Orgasm. The colour is an absolute beauty, and would match so many different kinds of skin tones. Don't worry about the shimmer because it does not show up in even the harshest of lighting. Mary Quant have perfected the glowing skin effect without the need to use harsh shimmer or glitter. It also layers well for extra pigment and colour. If you're looking for a natural blush that will take you from day to night, this is it!

I also received two eyeshadows - the FP-07, pictured in the palette with the blush above, and the M-07, pictured here. Both eyeshadows are beautiful and smooth, and I am particularly impressed with the pigment and the smoothness in the matte brown eyeshadow (FP-07) - good matte eyeshadows are so difficult to find, and this one passes all tests! There is not a bit of chalkiness in this matte, and it blends and applies beautifully.
But my absolute favourite among the products I received, by far, is the gorgeous M-07 - a opalescent silver with an amazing amount of iridescence. This gives the most beautiful sheen of silvery colour to your lids, and can easily be used as a higlighter in the inner corners of your eyes, on the tops of your cheekbones, and in your cupid's bow. Again, this is nowhere near as harsh as a stark silver, and has a tiny bit of lavender shot through it. This makes the colour more wearable on warm skin tones.

Here are all the products swatched side by side:

The brand's logo is a black daisy, which you will find incorporated into all their packaging. I love most of the packaging, but was quite disappointed with the fact that all their eyeshadows and blushes come with slimy, sticky goo on the bottom (presumably so they stick to the palettes), because for their price range (between Inglot and MAC for single eyeshadows) I think they should be able to stick some magnets in there somewhere.

Overall though, the product formulations truly impressed me, because the colours are beautiful and soft, yet can be layered for more colour or coverage. Their eyeshadows are smooth and buttery, and so are their blushes. There are a large range of colours across the board, from lipsticks to eyeliners to eyeshadow. If you're looking for quality colour options with colours that are formulated specifically to match a wide range of skin tones, then this is where you should look!

Mary Quant is available at Muse by Watsons outlets and is out on counters now.

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