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Friday, August 30, 2013

People who know me know that I am a huge advocate of sunscreen. It is so important to protect your skin against UV rays, because this prevents premature aging, liver spots, cancerous cells, and pigmentation, among other things.

I was recently given the opportunity to trial a brand new batch of sunscreen products straight out of the Kiss Me family, and I wanted to share a quick little review as well as reiterate everything I said in my last post about preventing aging.

Before I say anything about the SuhadaFit sunscreens, let me stress some little-known facts about sunscreen:

The higher the SPF, the longer your skin is protected from the sun, but it does not mean better protection. High SPF simply means that it protects your skin for longer than a sunscreen with low SPF, but please bear in mind that all cosmetic products tend to wear off after about 3 hours at the maximum, so you must reapply your sunscreen every 3 hours or so to make sure that you are fully protected at all times.

Sunscreen needs to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Most sunscreens provide protection from UVB rays, but don't have the ability to protect you from UVA rays, simply because of the ingredients that are used in these sunscreens. When looking for a sunscreen with total protection, you want to look out for the little "PA" underneath the SPF rating. The little PA should be followed by a number of + signs, indicating how high the protection offered is. The more + signs, the better.

The sun and its damaging rays are everywhere. Just because you are not directly under the sun, does not mean that there are no damaging UV rays harming your skin all the time! Even indoors, you are exposed to UV damage. This amount is significantly less when there is no sunlight at all, but even a small window allows a significant amount of UV rays into a room. So apply sunscreen everyday - there's no way around it. Sunscreen should be a part of your everyday routine. Carry a little bottle around with you for touch ups. It could mean you will look 30 when everyone else your age looks 45 in the future ;)

Sunscreen does not prevent tanning. I said this in my last post, and I feel I must say it again. Sunscreen helps protect your skin against UV damage, but does not stop the skin from getting darker when under the sun. I know some people love a good tan and will sit in the sun and bake for hours. Cancer councils from all around the world have voiced out against sun-tanning - sitting in the sun for an hour or more just to get a tan can make your skin wrinkly and leathery, and causes skin damage and promotes the growth and development of cancer cells. But if you feel like ignoring all that wealth of knowledge and research, and still want to go out and bake in the sun, you had better be savvy enough to understand that the only thing standing between you and bad skin and skin cancer, is sunscreen, and its frequent reapplication. Sun tanning oil is NOT enough!

A big mistake people make nowadays is to apply sunscreen, but nowhere near the appropriate amount to get the amount of protection that it says on the bottle. You must apply enough sunscreen in order to get adequate protection! A rule of thumb that people use is to apply enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass - that's about two full tablespoons worth of sunscreen, to the exposed areas on the body and to the face, and then a dollop the size of an almond to the neck alone.

And now on to the sunscreens. You all know I have my personal favourite brands when it comes to sunscreen, and I was eager to find out if these products passed the high bar that my favourite brands set.

SuhadaFit UV Daily Milk SPF 50+ PA+++

Many plus signs = good sign! This Daily Milk is (as the name suggests) milky, quite liquid, and very easy to spread onto the skin. This sunscreen is quite different from my favourite sunscreen in that it is much more moisturising and slightly more greasy, and dries down to a slightly slick finish. I think this is best suited to people with combination to dry skin, as it is formulated with moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid (a moisturising wizard!), acerola extract, and leaf of peach extract.
I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin, like mine, because it causes the skin to grease up a little, and when I apply makeup on top of it, it doesn't sit on the skin well and tends to come off on my fingers, clothes, or whatever I accidentally rub up against. If you have drier skin and want a good makeup base, this is perfect for you, because it will provide your skin with enough moisture to create a nice base for your makeup to stick to.

SuhadaFit UV Water Gel SPF30 PA+++

This is my favourite of the two sunscreens, because of its amazing texture. Its texture is like a hybrid between a gel and plain water, and it is so lightweight and basically feels like nothing on the skin! It also has a lovely 'cooling' effect, like you're splashing cold water onto your skin. So refreshing especially when I reapply in the middle of the afternoon. It dries down to practically nothing on the skin - I don't feel a thing when I wear this sunscreen - no heaviness, greasiness, or caking of any sort. My skin feels more moisturised, but still matte and dry.
Who I would recommend this for? Everyone, really! It works on both dry and oily skin, sinks into the skin instantly, and feels so lovely and refreshing when applied. Both sunscreens have also been tested for skin irritancy, so I am guessing they would do just fine on sensitive skin. I highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a good sunscreen. It comes in a good sized bottle too - 90grams worth of product at an affordable RM30-ish price tag (that's about AUD10 for Aussies).

So will you be purchasing one of these? I hope my post has highlighted the dangers of not using sunscreen, and that it has helped sway you towards wearing sunscreen daily. Have a happy weekend! x

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