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Monday, August 26, 2013

You're all probably familiar with the concept of beauty boxes by now. Some of you are probably wary of them as well, because some boxes really do give you the most random and unusable products. BNT Beauty Box promises something different, being a beauty box that hails from Korea. We all know the amazing products that come out of Korea, and now we just might be able to experience these products for ourselves in a monthly beauty box.

I was lucky enough to be sent a box for review, and here are the products that were in it. This particular box featured all TonyMoly products, and here they are reviewed for your reading pleasure :)

TonyMoly Perfect Eyes Waterproof Liner

This eyeliner was pretty impressive application-wise, but I didn't like that I was sent a pink coloured one. I get that eyeliners are fun and meant to be played around with, but overall, if you were trying to introduce me to a new brand and new product, I'd prefer plain black so I could use it in my everyday makeup routine.
I did test it out so I could give you guys my honest opinion though, and I found that it was very easy to apply and very beautifully pigmented. However, it came off very easily once it hit water, so I wouldn't call it waterproof.

TonyMoly Help Me Lip Balm

So guess why this lip balm is called 'Help Me'. When I first saw it, I just assumed that it was meant for very dry, very chapped lips - lips that needed saving. When I took a closer look, however, I realised that it was actually a lip balm attached to a keychain, and when you pull that keychain out of the lip balm, it emits a very high-pitched, very loud alarm sound. These emergency keychains are highly popular in Asia, since it is becoming increasingly unsafe to be out alone. You all already know that I love multi-tasking products, and this takes it to a whole new level!
The lip balm itself is nice and moisturising, and sits lightly on the lips without feeling too greasy or thick. It is very faintly scented with what seems to be mandarin oranges mixed in with a little bit of cola flavouring. I could be totally off but that's what it smells like to me!

TonyMoly Little Peach Moisturiser?

So for some reason, this particular product didn't come with an English label, so I was left to sniff and play around with it myself for a while, and then finally resorted to Google Translate to fill in some of the blanks. So as far as I can tell, this is an anti-ageing moisturiser. It smells very strongly of peaches, which I liked, but found a bit concerning for a skincare product. The moisturiser is very lightweight and absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving behind a very obvious, sweet, peach scent. I actually really like it for its texture and scent, and plan to mix in a little bit of highlighter and apply it to my body, so it gives my skin a beautiful glow and a unique scent :)

TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack

I tried this mask twice - because the first time I tried it, I didn't see any changes in my skin, so I tried it another time with much better results. The first time around, I cleansed my skin and applied it directly onto my skin, waited until the mask dried, and then washed it off. No difference.
The second time around, I did what most skincare experts say to do, which is to clean your pores first, before moving on to a pore-tightening product. I applied a blackhead removing mask (Biore Pore Strips, in case anyone was wondering) and then tried this tightening pack again, and what I got was less obvious pores that were almost completely hidden after application of just one layer of foundation. I really like this one because the results were more than satisfactory - highly recommended if you have large pores, just remember to use a pore strip first!

The mask is quite thick, so it spreads pretty slowly onto the skin, but dries pretty quickly. There is a slightly funny scent to it, but nothing too obvious, unless you are sensitive to these sorts of things. A big plus point? It is skin-coloured, so it is hardly noticeable on your skin. You can apply it and walk around the house, get the mail, not many people would notice!

TonyMoly  Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact SPF 25 PA++

This is probably my favourite product that came in the BNT Beauty Box. It is a lightweight, pigmented powder that gives you a lovely glowy finish instead of a matte one. It sets makeup well, and adds a little extra coverage on top of your foundation. I like using this on top of foundation because I think that using this alone doesn't give me enough coverage. Here is a picture of my skin with the compact powder on top of foundation:

I hope you guys found this review helpful! I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings for the BNT Beauty Box - collaborations with more Korean brands, the introduction of lesser known Korean brands to Malaysian shores, the introduction of new, innovative products, perhaps? We all know Korea as the beauty hub of Asia, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!

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