Product Review: Estée Lauder Pure Color Cello Shots

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Estée Lauder has, again and again, managed to impress me with new formulas, innovative new collections, and beautiful, vibrant colours. Now they've done it yet again, with a brand new collection of makeup, this time formulated in a gel texture with sheer but beautiful colours, in their Pure Color Cello Shots collection.

I was sent three products to trial from the collection - the Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss in Hot Fuse (Ltd. Ed.), the Pure Color Cheek Rush in Hot Fuse, and the Pure Color Sheer Rush LipShine in Hot Fuse.

The colour 'Hot Fuse' is what I would describe as a deep raspberry red, but the textures of these products make this deep colour pretty wearable. Swatches shown below come out looking pretty different because of the different textures, though the Cheek Rush and the Lip Shine are pretty similar once applied. The Gloss is a little lighter and less deep, which makes for a beautiful combination when paired with the LipShine (shown in the picture below).

L-R: Pure Color Cheek Rush, Pure Color Sheer Rush LipShine, Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss

The Pure Color Cheek Rush in Hot Fuse is by far my favourite of the three - it is a lightweight, jelly-like blush that really settles into the skin and creates a lovely, sheer stain. Only a teeny, tiny bit of this is needed (about the amount shown in the picture below) per cheek, because this is really quite pigmented. This was formulated as a stain, so even though it is pigmented, it pretty much disappears into the skin once you start blending. To get a stronger wash of colour, simply apply another layer. Blending is easy, but needs to be done quickly because once this product settles, it really doesn't move! Be careful not to go overboard though, applying too much of this tends to make your makeup look quite unnatural. If you're looking for a stronger wash of colour on your cheeks, best to stick with a cream or powder blush.

This is what a thin layer of the product looks like on my cheeks, worn here with the Pure Color Sheer Rush LipShine in Hot Fuse.

The LipShine is another beautiful product - so easy to apply, and it looks great on the lips! I have lips that are slightly more pigmented closer to the outlines of my lips, so almost all sheer lipsticks look pretty bad on me. I was afraid that this lipstick would be the same, but surprisingly, it hid the outlines of my lips well, so that there was an even wash of colour. It is very moisturising and easy to apply, and does dry down to a nice, raspberry-toned stain. I was both surprised and pleased with the performance of this lipstick when I wore it on a night out. I was expecting to have to touch up my lips every couple of hours or so. Instead, it just went from a glossy raspberry red to a beautiful red stain, shown in the picture below:

Finally, here is a shot of me wearing the Hot Fuse lip products together:

I am highly impressed with the quality of these products, and I will definitely check out the lighter colours in this collection to see how they fare on my skin.

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