Product Review: Adidas Climacool Revolution

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've been focusing a little more on my health lately, and have been trying to get to the gym as often as possible (which really isn't all that often, sadly) to get in a workout here and there. Jason has taken an interest in the fact that I am now trying to work out more, and in his excitement has proceeded to buy me an army of workout clothes and shoes. Now I'm kind of spoilt, shoe-wise, because I know what a comfortable pair of shoes feels like, and I only want to wear that.

When I heard about the new Adidas Climacool Revolutions, I was pretty curious to find out if they would really work, since being here in Malaysia does have its drawbacks (read: HOT tropical weather and humidity that makes your hair frizz up like that) and I wanted something that might be able to help cool my feet down. I realise that this is not a necessity, but it sure does help when you want to avoid smelly feet and that weird, uncomfortable feeling when you're hot and your feet are hotter and sweaty *ugh*.

I'm huge on aesthetics (shallow, I know), so I was happy to see that the shoes were a lovely striking colour, with complementing neon green accents. Upon first trying them out, I found them to be really comfortable and easy to use, without needing to be broken in or stretched out.
I do a lot of running when I'm at the gym, so I also need shoes to be well-padded because I have weak knees. This pair ticked all these boxes, and I actually did feel a subtle difference in moisture in my feet after my workout.

This range of shoes focuses on 360º ventilation, with 'vents' running throughout the shoes (even underneath!) to make for a much cooler, more comfortable, better-smelling run. The insoles have holes punched in them, and if you remove them, directly underneath is a cage-like sole, allowing air to flow easily through.

If you look closely, the space above the white soles of the shoes show you the 'cage' like structure that allows air to flow through.

More holes underneath the shoes.

I've been using these shoes for about a month now, and I love them. They really are 'cooling' to wear, and if you're not into that sort of thing, these are still a very comfortable, good-looking pair of shoes to consider.

Adidas Climacool Revolutions are already on sale at Adidas stores and retailers nationwide.

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