How to Avoid Dark, Discoloured Underarms

Monday, June 10, 2013

A few weeks back, I was invited to a lovely sit down with Dove, where we learned a little bit about caring for your underarms and how to whiten your underarm area, as well as how to keep the underarm area white and avoid discolouration.

It is a strange subject to talk about, and yet most (if not all) of us are self-conscious about our underarms, and are constantly looking for a way to keep the area as sanitary and as clear as possible.

I found the subject particularly fascinating (I myself am a huge advocate of keeping your underarms clean and evenly-coloured, and it pains me when I spot dark, discoloured underarms) and enlightening - you have no idea the kind of beauty treatments and everyday acts that can cause dark underarms!

We were addressed by Associate Professor Dr Irene Lee about underarms and the delicate skin in that area, and I found out (much to my horror, because I've been doing some of these things) that doing these things to your underarms can cause darkness and discolouration:

Plucking - this should only be done in the same direction as hair growth, because otherwise, the skin can get damaged and become discoloured.

Shaving - this actually causes quite a bit of damage to the outer layer of skin, which then causes discolouration.

Waxing - again, this pulls at and damages the skin around the underarms, which then causes discolouration.

Aside from steps implemented in our beauty regimes, the following 'environments' also cause discolouration and darkness in the underarm area:

Dryness - you should always keep your underarms well-moisturised to prevent damage and discolouration.

Wetness - if your underarm area is always sweaty, this causes bacteria and damage to the area as well, which (you guessed it) causes discolouration.

Avoiding the above and keeping your underarms well-moisturised is key to healthy, clean, and even-looking underarms. How does Dove come into the equation?

Their whitening range contains liquorice, which is an effective skin whitening agent, and Vitamins E & F, which help keep the skin moisturised. The three rollerball versions are (from left to right) Silk Dry, Original and Unscented, and they also do an aerosol version of the Original.

Here's a little bit of information about each version:

I spent the last few weeks testing these deodorants out, and these are my favourites:

The aerosol Original Whitening deodorant is perfect for when I want a quick fix before and after the gym, and I love the fact that it doesn't contain any alcohol. The Unscented rollerball is perfect for when I head out and don't want the smell of my deodorant to overpower the smell of my perfume.

As for whitening, I've been avoiding all the above regimes and environments, and I definitely see cleaner, more even underarms. These are already retailing at your local pharmacies and department stores, so go and check them out if you're interested!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted for consideration and review purposes in compliance with this site's Disclosure Policy.

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