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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ever rummaged through your closet before a night out or a friend's party, only to realise that what you'd planned to wear wouldn't work, desperately wracking your brain for an alternative outfit? I have. Heck, I've even been frustrated enough that I started actively throwing things out of the cupboard in the hopes that something I'd forgotten about would be hidden underneath all the other rejected pieces.

Online shopping sites that deliver on the day are great, but also a heck of a lot pricier than I'm willing to pay.

Enter Little Party Dress, an online dress boutique that stocks affordable dresses in all sizes, shapes, cuts and colours.

Little Party Dress started as an eBay store, but has quickly grown into a hit website (visit it at www.littlepartydress.com.au), with its Facebook page garnering as many as 55, 000 followers. It's not hard to see how this little boutique achieved its success - browsing through the many categories, I already picked out a ton of dresses that I might want to buy for a special occasion.

Here, I just picked a few dresses for my favourite kinds of events - blogger events, nights out, and afternoon teas :)

From left to right:

Pipeline Dress by Fresh Soul (AUD 99.95)
This dress is a little on the pricey side, I admit, but it is so chic and so on-trend I couldn't help myself. This dress is made by Sydney based label Fresh Soul, which Little Party Dress has just started stocking.

Lunar Wine Peplum Dress (AUD 64.95)
Quite obviously, I chose this for a night out. I love the wine colour of the dress, which is a welcome change from basic black, whilst still maintaining a classy feel. Because of its collar, you really don't need to put in much effort accessorising; a little cuff and a clutch, and you're out the door.

Eclipse White Paisley Dress (AUD 59.95)
Bold print is something that I will probably never get out of my system. I love beautiful prints that draw the eye, and this dress has exactly that. It is also so versatile - I could easily wear this to a bridal shower and then take it out to drinks at night. Love it!

Kelly, the owner of Little Party Dress, has put a lot of thought into her website, and personally selects and photographs all stock on her site so that it is on-trend, and matches the personality of her customers. The next time you have an event to prep for, maybe stop by the site and have a look around.

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