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Friday, April 05, 2013

Ever since starting my blog and YouTube channel, I've gotten countless requests to write a haircare post or film a haircare tutorial, especially when I started growing out my hair.

I've held off filming this because I personally didn't feel like I should, since I wasn't yet happy with the condition of my hair. Recently, however, I have started noticing a big improvement in my hair's health and appearance, and I thought this would be the perfect time to film this!

My hair isn't quite perfect yet, but I am still pretty happy with it, so here is the tutorial!

Products mentioned:

Kérastase Cristalliste haircare range (read the full review here)
Yuko Phiten Lock-in Color range (read full review here)

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I've reviewed the Batiste Dry shampoo many times, both on my blog and on my YouTube channel. It is a gorgeous dry shampoo that works wonders on even the most greasy roots. It also helps create a little bit of volume whenever I spritz it onto my roots, which is a big plus (Batiste also have a volumnising range, just in case anyone is interested!).

Macadamia Natural Oil Leave-in Cream - a thick leave-in cream that works beautifully at creating frizz-free, glossy locks. This does weigh the hair down a little, so I recommend this for coarser, or thicker hair. I applying this to damp hair because it creates a lovely textured, beach-waves kind of effect. This is what my hair looks like when I apply this to my damp hair:

David Babaii Miracle Elixir Nourishing Spray - a gorgeous oil spray that has been kept pleasantly (and surprisingly) lightweight, whilst still delivering moisture and shine to my hair. I love how light it is, and how glossy my hair looks after its been spritzed on. You can also spritz it on heavily and leave it overnight, and after you wash your hair the next morning, it feels so much softer and smoother!

Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Leave-in Spray - another one of my favourite products. I absolutely love the MNO range and this product is no exception! This is much lighter than the leave-in cream, and also prevents tangling and provides heat protection for styling.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque - an amazing hair masque that provides much needed moisture to my dry, damaged ends. It smells heavenly, and does exactly what it sets out to do. I have softer, smoother, more glossy hair, and it lasts for days and days!

ghd anti static comb - an effective hair detangler that is sleek, lightweight, and sturdy.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and that you found it helpful! x

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