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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In this day and age, everything is possible, and anything can be done. I am all for treatments and add-ons that enhance your natural beauty, and that you yourself have carefully researched and contemplated before actually undergoing them.

Some things that I would definitely get done:

Eyelash Lift

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I remember watching Lisa Eldridge's post on her eyelash lift and wondering when it would arrive in Australia or Malaysia where I would finally be able to try it for myself. The difference between this new technology and old eyelash perming, is that this new technique actually lifts the lashes at the very root, giving you a much more dramatic lift to your lashes compared to the curl of the eyelash perm, which shortens the lashes because of the curving effect that it gives. The technology has, in fact, arrived on Malaysian shores, in the form of a Japanese technology called the Japanese 'wawa' eyelash curl, which literally means 'doll' eyelash curl. I am heading back to Malaysia in about a month and can't wait to try it on my stick-straight, downward pointing eyelashes.

Eyebrow Embroidery

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Opinions are very divided when it comes to eyebrow embroidery. Some are all for it (particularly Asians with sparse hair) and have had marvellous experiences, and some have had the most horrendous experiences, including bad shaping of the brow, unnatural-looking colour, and the fading out of colour that ends up with an ugly red or green tint. I recently read about a new technique in Malaysia called the Bonbrow, and after following up with some bloggers and checking their experiences a few years post-Bonbrow, I have come to the conclusion that I would very much like to try it. So wish me luck! I will, of course, report back with the details once I've had the procedure done.

Hair Extensions

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I have seen many a lady-friend get hair extensions, and they have always looked glamorous, healthy, and quite natural. I am a huge fan of playing around with my hair, and am not opposed to have it chopped off on a whim, so I am definitely open to finding hair extensions or wigs in Melbourne that can help me extend the length of my hair, whether it be for a few months, or just for the night.

Are there any procedures or treatments that you are thinking of having done? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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