Packing for your Easter Holidays: Top Five Things to Remember

Friday, March 08, 2013

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, families all over the country are packing their bags and heading off to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

If you and your kids are lucky enough to be jetting off abroad, don’t forget the essential items to ensure everything will be stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. 

  • Clothes are a fairly obvious addition to anyone’s suitcases, but try and make sure that you’re covered for any eventuality, without over packing and being charged ludicrous excess baggage fees. Take some basics that you can mix and match and a light jacket to keep the wind off you on the milder days. You can find Kids Clothes at ASDA George at fantastic prices, and the men’s and women’s ranges are equally impressive. Roll up smaller items such as socks and underwear and tuck them into the nooks of your bag to maximise on space.

My favourite sunscreen at the moment, the Dermalogica Multivitamin Bodyblock

  • Sunscreen is a must, particularly if you’re heading to a warmer climate. Sun protection is vital for people of all ages, especially the delicate skin of young children and babies. Make sure you find a product with a high SPF to keep the harmful rays at bay. After-sun cream is also great to help cool the skin after a day in the sun.

I am a huge fan of the floppy hat trend. This is a hat I purchased from ASOS.

  • Hats are a fabulous accessory that can be tucked into any cranny of the case but will be invaluable in the sun to keep the heat off your head. Wide, floppy brimmed hats are so in this season and gives you a cool, boho chic vibe.

  • Swimwear is of course essential if you're heading to a country with a warm climate, and if your hotel has a pool or a nearby beach.

  • Entertainment such as books, handheld video game consoles, mp3 players and toys will keep boredom at bay during the flight, which can be particularly useful when you’re travelling with children. Ensure you utilise the cabin baggage allowance and stock up on things that will keep your children entertained. A flight can be an arduous, stressful part of a holiday if you don’t give it some forethought. Some favourite toys, colouring books, crayons and books are great additions to hand luggage, while long haul flights are likely to show the latest new release movies to break up the journey.

Remember that when travelling on an aircraft, unless it’s a no-frills line, every paying passenger with their own seat (i.e. two year olds onwards) will be allocated their own baggage allowance. Make use of it so that you don’t have to struggle cramming everything into one case. 

Most of all remember your passports and tickets and enjoy the time away from the humdrum of normal life, spending some quality time with your brood this Easter.

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