Product Review: Silver Bullet Super Pod Hair Styler

Friday, February 01, 2013

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a fab Friday, and that you're all psyched about the weekend! If you have plans and want to look glam, I have just the product for you!

As you all probably already know, I have been putting together reviews of products that eliminate the need for third party treatments at the salon, and that are easy to do at home. The product I am reviewing today has been chosen because I absolutely love how it gives me that salon-style perfect blow out.

I was recently allowed the fantastic opportunity to trial the Silver Bullet Super Pod, an incredibly quick way to style your hair. This device is basically hot rollers on steroid, featuring a 'pod' like device that heats up each individual hot roller in less than 10 seconds!

The 'pod'

To use this device, all you need to do is pop a roller and a clip into the centre of the pod and press down till you hear a click, then wait a few seconds. The platform pops back up, and the device makes a little beeping sound to tell you that the roller and clip are ready for use.

The platform inside the pod

The device eliminates the waiting time that you would normally experience with regular hot rollers, instead heating the rollers up in mere seconds, and allowing you to heat as you go.

The rollers in Extra Large, Large and Medium, and a couple of clips

The rollers are sold separately in boxes of 4, and come in 4 sizes - Extra Large (48mm), Large (42mm), Medium (36mm), and Small (30mm), and the clips are standard sized and sold in boxes of 6.

If it's that gorgeous blow out style that you're after, which for some reason is so difficult to create outside the skilled hands of hairstylists, look n further than the 48mm and 42mm styles, which help to boost your hair at the roots, and create gorgeous, understated waves. I did just that with my sister's hair for her graduation, and it turned out beautifully and lasted the entire day.
It only took me about 15 minutes to get her whole head of hair in rollers, and we let it sit for another 15 minutes whilst I did her makeup, and that's it!

What I like about these rollers is the fact that there is hardly any frizziness at all to the hair once it is styled. A lot of heat stylers can cause some frizziness if the hair isn't blow-dried and then straightened first, but these rollers create voluminous, silky hair even without prior blowdrying and straightening.

The 2 smaller rollers create more of a curly hairstyle, and should be left in longer so that the curls take shape. I would recommend leaving them in for at least 20 minutes and spritzing a strong, flexible hold hairspray on your hair so that the hair keeps its shape.

Overall I think this is a fantastic, high-quality device to have in your hair styler collection, so long as you have the cash to spend on it! Silver Bullet have conveniently put together a kit that is available for purchase, which includes the Super Pod, 4 Extra Large Rollers, 4 Large Rollers, 4 Medium Rollers, and 12 Roller Clips, and retails for AUD 343.65. Alternatively, the Super Pod is available to purchase individually for AUD 199.95, and you can purchase the rollers separately (AUD 23.95 - 29.95) to create a style that you like most.

The Silver Bullet Super Pod and its accessories are available for purchase from

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