Foundation Review Series: Chanel CC Cream

The Foundation Review Series continues with a very highly-anticipated review - the Chanel CC Cream.

CC cream (colour control cream) is supposedly a refined version of the famous BB cream, said to retain all the skincare benefits of the BB cream, but with added cosmetic coverage, so that the skin looks better and more evenly-toned. It is also said that CC cream is meant to be less irritating on acne-prone skin, a fault that BB cream is known to have.

Chanel's CC cream (known as the Complete Correction Cream) is exclusive to the Asian market, and as far as I know, is only being sold in China, Taiwan, and possibly Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this through my lovely friend Tina, who blogs over at Chasing Elixir. If you want to purchase Asian cosmetics (or Asia-exclusive releases from your favourite brands), head over to her blog to find out how to contact her.

Not all that impressive, to be honest. From a brand like Chanel, I expect something encased in frosted glass, or at least a pump applicator. That having been said, I'll admit that the tube is nice and solid, and dispenses the product well.

The finish of this CC cream is quite matte, with only a very tiny bit of glow. It also runs on the thicker side, and sets on the skin much quicker than a regular BB cream. Because of this, you will need work quickly, and blend a little bit more than you would with a lighter foundation.

The CC cream comes in one colour, and is closest to a 20 Clair on the Chanel foundation shade scale.

It also contains an SPF of 30, which I like because I can carry this in my bag to reapply when I need to.

I wasn't wowed by this, mostly because I love dewy-finish foundations, and this is more of a matte-finish one. However, it does provide excellent oil-control - you will not feel any slickness whatsoever on your skin, no matter how long you've been out, or how humid the day has been.

The coverage is a little more than medium, though it still doesn't completely cover blemishes. As I mentioned earlier, this is fantastic for evening out your skin tone, and for covering small, minor blemishes.

If you'd like to see the CC cream in action, watch my Christmas makeup tutorial here.

Overall, I think this is a pretty over-hyped product. People with very oily skin might find this a pleasure to use, but to me it was just good, not great. Because of the SPF in it, I do find it quite useful for running errands in the summertime, and I will definitely be using it, though I will not be repurchasing.


peonyinlove said...

I saw a review on this, not too keen about the shade color cause when it applies on your face the shade will oxidize making and appearing one shade lighter. Sorry to hear that this didn't work out for you. Thanks for the review though!

the_beautifool said...

Aw! Sad to hear that it's not overly impressive. I was expecting wow-ing reviews.. but guess not! There's only 1 shade too! Meep.

Sharlynn said...

Awesome!! I like what im hearing! Singaporean Rachel K I think was one of the first to start this CC cream and I really want to try hers which has already become famous overseas! I think the shade for chanels looks great for those with fair to medium asian skin tones...more shades would be great too but Im quite sure that would work for me too!

Anonymous said...

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