Concealer Review: Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dermablend set the beauty world afire when the brand uploaded a video illustrating how an entire body full of tattoos could be covered with Dermablend cosmetics. Now, even non-beauty lovers know of the brand and its amazing coverage.

Today, I am writing about a foundation stick from the brand's collaboration with Vichy, one of Europe's top skincare brands. The Vichy-Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick has a following of its own - being touted by makeup artists as one of the best (and most pigmented) acne-concealers in the market.

After I first started blogging (and once a month now, ugh!), I started breaking out a lot around my cheek area, and nothing I did could cover the acne up. It was difficult to apply concealer to my cheeks, because later on I would dust on some blush and the concealer would just get dusted right off. I finally figured out a way around that and managed to cover up acne on my cheeks beautifully, and you can read how to do it here. I purchased this on a number of recommendations online, and I am finally posting a review to let you know what I think.

I purchased the colour 'Opal', shown in the swatch above. It is a pretty warm colour and blends well into my skin.

Personally, I like to use this to conceal my acne - though it works perfectly fine underneath the eyes, I feel like I have other concealers that do the job better in the undereye area.

Before: Picture taken in natural light, without foundation or concealer. I am experiencing bad breakouts around my cheek and chin area at the moment. Due to lack of sleep, my undereye area is also particularly dark.

After: The Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick blends beautifully in the warm weather and is easy to apply to my undereye area. My blemishes are also covered well.

The best way to use this concealer is with a stiff, small concealer brush. Dab your product-loaded brush onto any spots you want to conceal, then pat the concealer out to blend, using your clean finger.


  • Lovely consistency in the warmer weather, very easy to blend.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Covers acne very well, though it is obviously not a miracle worker and will not completely disguise large, angry blemishes.
  • Long-lasting - I find that this concealer, once set, covers blemishes for an entire workday before finally wearing off.


  • Can be difficult to use in the winter, because the product really hardens up and is very difficult to blend. It is best to apply the product to the back of your hand to warm it up first, then apply it to your face.
  • Not as pigmented as a lot of people claim that it is.
  • Not a very wide range of colours.
  • Does not work well on dry skin and can emphasize flakiness.
  • A little expensive, and difficult to get in Australia. I purchased my product online from the UK.

If you have any questions you would like answered about the product, please leave a comment below and I will get to it as soon as I can! x

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