My First Public 'Photoshoot'

Happy Monday, everyone! I have a funny story to share with you all about this little post.

I am taking baby steps to try and work my way towards branching out and taking outfit posts in more public areas, where I can find pretty backdrops to photograph my clothes against. Over the weekend, I decided to take my little camera down to the common areas in my apartment, to get a few pictures of an outfit I put together.

I had tried photographing the clothes indoors at first, but I felt like the pictures needed more natural light, and I thought a little breezy wind wouldn't hurt either :)

This is a picture from the first shoot I tried indoors. Low chignon tutorial coming soon!

J and the littlest sis kindly agreed to help me photograph my clothes, and so off we went. Unfortunately, there are some hotel guests preparing for the races out on their balconies, which overlooked the common areas. They were all good-natured, of course, but it made me incredibly embarrassed when these ladies started cat-calling down at us, and I could feel my face burning up!

Needless to say, we moved off to a quieter area after, but I think I managed to get some decent shots anyway...I hope? :)

Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: Temt (similar here)
Shoes: Borrowed (similar here)
Satchel: Thrifted
Nails: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Wine Not'
Earrings and rings: Some trial pieces for my coming online store


Natsumi said...

Awww good job! You look gorgeous and I love how well your outfit looks with the location you picked! Loving your hair and those pants - oh that color!

Emily said...

Thank you so much lovely! I will probably be shooting there for a while, whilst I build up my courage and confidence - plus it's so easy to bring my heels down there and pop them on, and wear flats the rest of the time so my feet don't hurt ;)

CenDANA said...

Like it!! Very much!! ^_^ the pants look sooo coomfffyyy!! and I was just about to ask where you got those rings and I saw "coming online store" - oooh!! hehehe

M.May said...

Lol I can't stand the thought of people cat calling! My face would have burned bright red for the rest of the day! XD

Loving the mint pants and the bag! Super cute! =D

♡ M.May

Emily said...

Ah, it's all still very much in its beginning stages but thank you for being excited! It gives me the encouragement to actually work at it :) Oh, and the pants are super comfy! :)

Emily said...

Ugh I know! I was so embarrassed, and I think we ran into the cat callers in the lift on the way up too :S

And thank you! They are some of my favourite pieces of clothing :)

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