How I Got Rid of my Acne Scars

One thing that really bothers me about my skin is the fact that when my pimples dry out, they leave a scar behind that can last for months.

Recently, however, I noticed that my skin was looking a lot better without foundation. My scars were so much less obvious, and I owe it all to my Simplicité skincare routine. It helped me clear out a good 90% of my scars, and I am now experiencing the best skin that I've experienced in a long time.

The current condition of my skin (not wearing anything on my skin). I still break out and my chin is quite congested, but the pimples go away in just a couple of days, my scars are almost completely gone, and my pores are clear and minimised.

I asked David, the naturopath behind the Simplicité product line, what products were helping with my acne scarring, and how they work.

Here is some info that he shared with me. I included a little blurb underneath the name of each of the products, sharing with you how I use these products and why I like them.

Acne Anti-bacterial Serum

I LOVE this serum! It smells very strongly of tea tree, which really calms me, and I feel like it has done wonders for my skin. I apply it morning and night, as well as underneath my Waratah and Beetroot Plant Mask.

Thyme, Siberian Fir, Ti Tree - calm redness, locally anti-bacterial, astringent. Promote healing.
Echinacea - improves the immunity of the surface cells, speeds healing, inhibits hyaluronidase activity - reduces the spread of bacteria. Contains hormone-like compounds that help balance hormonal skin problems
Niaouli – helpful with scarring problems. Relieves painful inflammation. Promotes healing. As an alternate use, medicinal-grade Niaouli is useful for application to early skin cancers as it suppresses the Epidermal Growth factor in cancer cells (Journal Agriculture & Food Chemistry)

Exfoliating Face Treatment

This is both an exfoliator and a face mask. I love using it as a face mask - I apply it and let it sit on my skin for a few hours each time - and I really feel like it helps get rid of my acne quicker. I like applying it when I am having a particularly bad bout of breakouts, and it helps get rid of them so much more quickly.
Judging by the ingredients packed into this one mask, I would say that there's a good reason why I like this mask so much! Have a little read of its ingredients and benefits:

Adzuki beans – rich in plant enzymes and essential fatty acids that contribute to skin health.
Linseed – healing and reduces inflammation on epithelial tissue. In fact, it is so beneficial it this regard it is used in the treatment of ulcerative conditions of the digestive tract because of its mucilaginous (healing, soothing) properties
Kaolin – draws impurities and brightens the complexion.
Fresh Aloe juice - heals damaged skin. Calms rashes and soothes irritated skin.
Chamomile flowers - reduce inflammation, encourages tissue renewal, heals damaged skin, shrinks enlarged blood vessels after repeated use. In published medical studies, chamomile has been shown to have a superior soothing effect on dermatitis when compared to a 1% Hydrocortisone cream. Chamomile has also been shown to have 70% of the anti-inflammatory effect of hydrocortisone cream.
Lavender flowers – encourage cellular regeneration, maintain the health of the skin after exposure to the elements. Balance the sebum secretion of the skin and improve circulation. Reduce surface scarring.
Calendula - these beautiful bright orange flowers have antibacterial and powerful healing properties. Our fresh extract heals inflamed skin conditions, reduces the appearance of visible blood vessels and shrinks ‘open’ pores. A good source of pro-vitamin A, a nutrient essential in the repair of sun damage.
Sandalwood - encourages new cells to form

Rosemary Blemish Gel

This is another star product that I have decided that I cannot live without. I am told that the blemish gel that I have is not the one currently being sold, so I guess there is a newer, better version? But what I have is already such a fabulous miracle worker. Though it is recommended that you apply this gel 6 times daily to your acne, I only use this once in the morning and again at night. Even then, this gel gets rid of pimples in as little as a day. Sometimes, when I feel a particularly large bump forming, I apply this, and the bump is halved in size by night time.

Calendula - encourages the restructuring of damaged tissue, a source of provitamins essential for skin firming. Used for centuries to tone visible blood vessels.
Rosemary – naturally antioxidant, improves the circulation to the skin, promotes healing, lessens the pain of certain skin problems.
Ti-Tree – (medicinal-grade) outstanding qualities in being active against the growth of all three infective organisms namely bacteria, fungi and virii.
Spruce – antimicrobial, antiseptic. Contains natural, highly effective antibiotics.
Fir Tree - soothes through its antibacterial properties.
fresh Witch hazel extract – firms the protein strands of the skin. Reduces inflammation and alleviates the swelling of cystic acne.
Sage – inhibits bacteria in the treatment of acne and regulates sebum production. Used in soothing skin washes.
Equisetum – rich in mineral nutrients that reduce scarring.
Hypericum – calms and soothes redness. Contains flavonoids found to encourage effective micro-circulation.
Carrot extract – revitalises the tone of the skin, restores elasticity, improves micro-circulation.
Chlorophyll – detoxifies the skin and fights bacteria.

Plant Nutrient Mask Waratah & Beetroot

This mask hasn't been getting enough love from me because I am so obsessed with the Exfoliating Face Treatment, but if you have more sensitive, red skin, this mask will do wonders.

Beetroot extract - repairs damaged or scarred skin. Contains pro-vitamin A and vitamin C.
Jojoba extract – gives tone and softness to the skin. Repairs damaged tissue.
Mandarin - helps fade scars and acts to firm the skin.
Hypericum extract – tones the walls of small blood vessels.
Red Clover flowers – helps reduce pigmentation caused by hormone changes.
Elderflower extract – reduces the appearance of surface capillaries. Anti-inflammatory.
Waratah flower – calms reddened skin conditions and inhibits the first stage of eczema. From one of the oldest plant groups in the world. Traced back to Antarctica 60 million years ago.
Mulla Mulla – rejuvenates the elasticity and texture. Improves moisture levels and enhances the micro-circulation. The Mulla Mulla flower is a beautiful pink flower that can last for months.
Macrocarpa – improves the vitality of the skin and helps the skin resist damage from environmental stress.
Flannel Flower – clarifies the complexion and reduces the appearance of pigmentation areas.
Banksia flower – improves ‘tired’ complexions and increases moisture levels. Helps protect against sundamage including the appearance of pigmentation patches. Named after Joseph Banks. The last part of its botanic name is ‘robur’, meaning robust and strong.


Blushfully said...

Don't we just love our Simplicite products!??! I certainly do! I am loving the Exfoliating Face treatment and the blemish gel and so many other ones that it really hit me, that now I can't live without them!! Hah!

Chloe said...

I suffer pretty bad from acne scarring too, your skin looks so healthy! i think you've convinced me to check out the simplicité products! are they expensive?

à la foliee

Emily said...

We definitely do! I am pretty much exactly the same way! Already working out how to get the rest of my family and friends hooked ;)

Mei said...

Is this available in malaysia? :)

Emily said...

Yes they are! They're available via :)

Anonymous said...

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