Playing with my New Camera

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This one is for you guys who like the random posts on my blog! I bought a new camera the other day, I won't bore you with the details but here are some shots I took whilst playing around with the settings.

Michelle only heads to uni in the evenings now, which is a welcome change, because we never see her around the house anymore since she started her final semester.

The first picture I snapped with the camera. My breakfast, and Chloe, as always, looking longingly at us waiting to be fed a morsel.

It should come as no surprise that Chloe featured heavily in all my snapshots - she's not the most photogenic of dogs but when you manage to catch her at a good angle, it's all you can do not to grab her and squish her to your heart's content.

Two days ago, when I bought the camera, was also an insanely good mail day. I got my table, which I purchased from Catch of The Day. It is a thing of beauty, this table. So simple yet so beautifully storage-friendly - I am having the time of my life sorting out which accessories will go where.

I also took a quick snapshot of what I'm doing right now whilst blogging - revelling in the yummy smell that is the Urban Rituelle Mango Milk candle (from their Beachcombers range), and planning my outfit for today's meetup with some Melbourne bloggers.

I will (hopefully) be posting more outfit photos and possibly links to where you can get them (and a chance to shop some of them off me!). Is this something that you might be interested in?
Till the next blog then. I hope you are all having a gorgeous Saturday morning :)

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