First Attempts

I am not someone who likes attention. I blog and YouTube out of pure passion for makeup and fashion - in fact the first time I ever did an FOTD, I had to work myself up to it for weeks. The idea of taking a picture of myself was so daunting!

Now, of course, I do it on a daily basis. I still get really embarrassed when someone sees me taking a picture of myself, but I have learned to get used to it.

What I haven't gotten used to, though, is someone else taking a picture of me. In public.

J and I headed out last weekend and I brought my brand new camera with me, wanting to get a few shots of my accessories and outfit for the blog. You cannot imagine how mortified I was! I pushed on though, and here are some shots from the weekend.

On Sunday, we went to Red Silk for the very first time and I cannot believe we had never tried it before! The restaurant itself was wonderfully cosy, and the food was delicious! Not to mention, they carried all kinds of Asian drinks, so I got to order my favourite :)

Then came time to snap some pictures of me. It wasn't a pretty sight, because all I could do was squirm and turn away from the camera if I saw anyone nearby. I wasn't particularly dressed up that day, which really helped (though not enough, obviously!).

I'll get it right after a couple more tries, I'm hoping.

On Saturday, J was feeling peckish, so right after lunch, we had Cacao Green. I'm glad we had something more healthy for a change.


Saumya Rastogi said...

great pics Emily :)

beautyholicsanonymous said...

The pictures look very good. More of these visuals please :D

chloe said...

omg that pic of you at the froyo place <3
don't be shy emily! you're so pretty c:

aisyah samuin said...

I don't see why you should be so self-conscious in public. You are so beautiful! Nice photos btw.. :)

Emily said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment - I'll try to break out of my shell a little more. I'm always so shy!

Emily said...

Thank you hun! You're so sweet :) I'll try! x

Emily said...

Thank you gorgeous lady! I am very excited about adding a few more lifestyle/fashion posts to this blog. Here's hoping there's a good reception!

Emily said...

Thank you Saumya, you are too kind xx

Anonymous said...

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