Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Treatment Collection

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sally Hansen has been around for ages. The brand is the #1 Nail expert in the US, and it has done an excellent job at revamping itself to make its products resonate with the younger crowd today. Take, for example, their incredible Salon Effects range. If you haven't tried them, you need to get in store and buy a box!

The products in their Salon Manicure Nail Treatment Collection are another excellent example of how the brand continues to improve itself. I was sent these products about a week or so back to trial, and here are my thoughts.

Cuticle Eraser + Balm
Sally Hansen: A flawless salon finish starts with smooth, soft cuticles. This deeply moisturizing balm removes dry cuticles and preps nails for perfection in one easy step.
This, for me, has got to be the star product of this collection. I have difficult cuticles, and not even the most diligent application of cuticle oil can save them. They are also extremely stubborn, and always pop back into place to matter how much I try to push them back. I assumed that this was going to be just like any other cuticle moisturiser, but I was pleasantly surprised when my cuticles (and the skin around them) stopped peeling almost instantly. The best part was, when I pushed my cuticles back, they didn't spring back into place! I am definitely repurchasing this when I run out - it is an absolute saviour and now I can finally do dark nails without worrying about the mess of ragged cuticles!

Smooth & Strong Base Coat
Sally Hansen: Create the foundation for a long-lasting salon manicure with this fortifying base coat. Nails are left instantly stronger and up to 90% smoother.
I don't know about smooth, but this base coat is a definite keeper if you have weak nails. I have a nail on my right hand that is particularly weak, and it has been that way ever since I damaged it moving into this apartment. It's been almost a year now, and no matter what kind of base coat and nail strengthener I used, nothing seemed to work. Even trimming my nail all the way down, avoiding filing, and starting from scratch didn't help any. Recently it's gotten a little better, and for the first time, my nail did not break this entire week. It comes down to two things - the fact that I kept it very short, and this base coat. Another gem in the collection, in my opinion!

Ultra-Wear Top Coat
Sally Hansen: After applying your favourite Sally Hansen nail polish, lock in colour and protect your perfect results for up to 10 days with this pro-finish top coat.
This ranks right up there as one of my favourite top coats. It does a great job of keeping the nails protected, and prevents 'premature' chipping. I can vouch for it lasting for 7 days, which is more than long enough for me! I get very bored with nail polish easily and usually change colours weekly.
It does allow the gradual wear-down of the very tips of the nails, but I personally haven't found any other top coat that prevents that from happening. Another little qualm I have about this top coat is probably that it isn't glossy enough - but again, I haven't tried any other top coat that gives me the shine I want, either (and no, I haven't tried the Seche Vite top coat! :X).

Overall, I think this is a quality, affordable (thank goodness!) range that should be in everyone's nail collection. This collection launched September 1st, 2012 and is available at Priceline, selected Terry White Chemists and selected David Jones stores.

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