Product Review: La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The brand name 'La Mer' is synonymous with luxury, and beautiful skin. Everyone who is anyone has heard of this cream at some point, and has probably lusted after it as well.

La Mer has introduced a brand new moisturising cream to their line up - the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream. Meant to stand in between the Crème de la Mer and the Moisturizing Gel Cream in the product line, the Moisturizing Soft Cream is lighter than the iconic Crème de la Mer but not as light as the Moisturizing Gel Cream.

Another reason to get excited? All the same benefits, PLUS a brand new technology that La Mer calls 'Moisturizing Spheres' which allows the product to penetrate more deeply into the skin, thus delivering results more effectively.
La Mer: The new Moisturizing Soft Cream delivers miraculous benefits. Advanced absorption technology allows this luxurious formula to penetrate deeply, replenishing moisture and strengthening skin. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant.
Oh, what can't I say about the packaging? It comes in a gorgeous little green box that fits in perfectly with La Mer's story and marketing. (In case you didn't know, La Mer was formulated around the sea and its restorative powers, focusing in particular on the sea kelp's miraculous ability to regenerate itself).

It is beautiful, it is luxurious, it is hardy (I know, I've dropped the jar 3 times already!), it is well-thought out. It even comes with a little spatula so that you can pick up the cream without contaminating the product remaining in the jar.

As promised, this cream is lightweight, and perfect for people with oily skin who live in dry, cool places, much like Melbourne.
It spreads easily onto the skin, so a little product really goes a long way.

Upon application, your skin feels plump, moist and smooth. I can see why so many people love using this as a moisturiser underneath their makeup, because it really does prep the skin wonderfully. It creates just enough moisture for your foundation to stick to your face, with the added benefit of smoother skin so that lines, pores and bumps on the skin are much less visible.

Apart from the amazing canvas it provides for your makeup, this cream also helps the skin heal faster. What I have noticed most with my use of this product is that when I break out, less scars end up forming after the pimples go away. My skin is such that the scars are a bigger problem than the acne, because the scars linger on my skin for months. I am ecstatic to have found something that reduces those scars, though I am also sad that it was such a luxurious cream that did the job for me (my bank account officially hates me!).

Overall? I am already starting to calculate how much money I will need to put away so I can get myself another jar. I love this stuff, because as you know, I am all for dual-purpose products, and I think this qualifies because of the excellent base it provides for makeup application.

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